Lessons from Siri

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Technology upgrades are not always easy

We’ve (reluctantly) been on a steep learning curve to catch up with everyone else.

What made the transition particularly challenging…

Was when it brought a strange woman into the home.

Click on the video and I’ll explain what we’ve learned from her.

Now I want to hear from you

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  1. I can SO relate to your experience with flip-phones! Lol (Mine still works)

    The BIG turnaround in prayer came for me when I realized Jesus paid my WHOLE debt so that I could have a father-daughter relationship with my heavenly Daddy!
    No longer did I need to grovel or approach Him with shame & guilt.
    God really, truly, LOVES ME! Jesus proved it.
    Now we talk about EVERYTHING, and I listen to His answers, even as He listens to me. I run to Him with ALL my concerns & questions!
    I learned that from the illustration you gave in Toronto a few years ago.
    Like a child, I crawl up on Daddy’s knee, share my fears, and let HIM deal with them!

  2. Amen and amen regarding your suggestion to take more time to listen to God. It’s a game changer in our walk with Jesus. Nigel

    P. S. Clearly I need to upgrade my phone. I want one that tells me I’m hot and that I am its favorite human being.

  3. Oh, my! I am still using my flip phone! I wonder how soon it will decide it’s not going to work any more. I’m so glad God doesn’t decide HE’s not going to answer anymore. Thank you for your recommendation to listen to what HE says to US, and not just send Him a shopping list. I needed that reminder.

  4. My prayer life improved when i found myself with no true friends or family support. Seem like everyone turned against me for apparent reason. In my loneliness i turned my attention to God and talked and prayed to him constantly. I have become like a child with an imaginary friend…who talks constantly to that imaginary friend and shares everything…only in my situatuation God to me is no imaginary friend but has become a very a real friend whom I talk to about everything ALL day long! No kidding. I now have to be careful in public..so people dont think I have gone koo koo. I have now had some awesome directions and intantaneous answers to prayers and those that I dont get answers right away..i am given affirmations that they will be taken care of soon or in His time. I am learning to hear his voice more clearly and we have developed even non verbal communications..a sign..and I know its God. What i later found out is..that everyone abndoning me was actually a God Set-up to get me to turn to Him and rely on Him and in turn, turn our relationship into a wonderful father daughter friendship! I now no longer just ask for things, but share my good and bad eotions and longings. I also try my best not to make any major decisions without asking his opinion…and even some everyday personal decisions. It is an amazing journey to have God has a friend…you cant go wrong ..unless u choose to dis-obey his instructions. Try it!

  5. Melinda, you took the words out of my mouth!!
    My wise pastor told us to ask God to show us how much he loves us.
    I did and it was mind blowing! He showed me all the areas I was letting condemnation, and other lies from satan in. Then he showed me how much he truly loves me where I am- not where I think I should be!
    I too crawl up on my Abba daddy’s lap and we chat, and he lets me know he’s got this (whatever ‘this’ is to me at the time- problems, concerns, fears, etc).
    He is so good…

  6. First, congratulations in your tenacity in remaining ever-so loyal to your flip-phone. Having now been hip-checked into a new sophistication level… that is, going from comments from our kids’ generation like this: “Aw, cuuuute!” (referring to the flip-phone), to having Siri affirm that you are hot, I think I should warn you: there’s more to come. Likely before long, you’ll start getting non-negotiable ‘invitations’ to upgrade your iPhone to the latest version. While this may sound simple, it’s not. Just sayin. Maybe take a day off work and prepare for some fun and frustration as the new keyboard you’ve finally adjusted to texting on will be newly arranged so the keys aren’t where you thought they’d be… making texting VERY interesting (take time to proofread!!); all kinds of new emojis, and the odd accidental audio-recorded message to your daughter-in-law: “This STUPID machine!!” Also, there’s another woman lurking in there, Siri’s sister-in-law, the ever so reliable voice on the Maps app who leads you all over the city. Duane (my husband) is learning to submit to her. Another learning curve. Try as we may, what can we do? : )

  7. On a more spiritual note, probably the biggest turning point in my prayer life came when God orchestrated an opportunity for me to know unequivocally that He speaks to me. He blessed me with this situation just prior to me going on my first prayer ministry retreat, when I would very much need to believe I could hear His voice. While it is still amazing and mysterious to me, I have become more and more aware and trusting since then (5 years ago) of the unlimited resourcefulness of our Abba Father in sending us ‘love notes’ and speaking personally to us. It is certainly a life-changer! He is so good!!

  8. When I took Mark Virkler’s 4 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice I realized that I was not being presumptuous when I journaled what I believed the Lord was saying to me. There’s nothing quite like talking with the real God.

  9. Loving this post!
    I still use my handmedown flip phone that my son gave me when he upgraded, works great for me. No doubt at some point I will need to move into this new stuff also but for now it is working fine.
    Also love Patrica’s post! Seems a lot of my friends have moved away at times I feel lonely, so loving your advice. Yes Jesus is the friend who does not move away & is always there!

  10. I learned about prayer list praying. When God put someone on my mind, I would put them on my prayer list. I felt God leading me in this. I might be the only person praying for that person on the planet! He seemed to say. It has now become a focus of my prayer life. I find delight in praying daily for these many people. My list has become very large.I delight in adding new people to the list as God directs. Try it you will be blessed.

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