Let’s knock the walls down

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We all build walls around our hearts

It’s the way we protect ourselves from more emotional pain.

But they can separate us from God too.

Click on the video and learn how this happens and how we can remove the walls.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you taken down walls between you and God? Just leave your comments in the box below.


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Comments 10

  1. I have built walls of protection due to a childhood in which I was emotionally and physically abused by both parents. I have gone through the forgiveness process but it does not seem like I have gotten any relief. Are you stating that because of this, I have built walls with my relationship with God, because that has been a distant relationship, even though I have been a Believer for over 30 years.

  2. I still carry an immense amount of hurt from my past. Logically I know the whys and where fors behind the behaviors of the people that hurt me and logically I have forgiven them. But emotionally I stll behave like a wounded child when a crisis hits and people don’t respond the way I would like them too.
    I have come through a period of health and financial issues and on that level my life is improving but I have become somewhat bitter by the lack of support/communication from my family/siblings. I waffle back and forth about this because I gave up trying to keep the thread of communication going.
    They live in Ontario, I live in B.C. I live here because I cannot deal with the lifestyle that my family has chosen to live. Alcohol is an underlying issue and while they were raised Catholic they are not practicing Christians. After a life long search I have found a Church home at Glad Tidings Pentecostal and while I love the Lord I need to lay to rest the emotions surrounding my family.
    Lately depression has reared it’s ugly head. They say that once you have had a major depreesion you are prone to having depression for the rest of your life. I watch your videos and the library has your book “Emotional Freedom”which I am reading right now and which I plan to buy so I can have my own copy. Never has a book addressed all of my concerns about my mental health and well being. The Lord truly speaks through you Dr. Mullen for which I am grateful. I am working on my issues and I am seeking a Christian Counselor to work with me. They do have a Recovery Group at my church but I think it’s a family trait to not want to share my deepest hurts with others.

    1. Hi Brenda. I am a member of Al Anon , been a member off and on for many years. Its a place for people who have been affected by someone elses drinking, in my case that would be my dad. It is a spiritual program that uses the 12 steps AA. It is a place where one can talk about issues they have being affected by the disease of alcoholism. The program follows the leadership of a loving God. You can find a meeting list on line. Rich

  3. I have just started to build a wall in my heart towards my daughter. I love her to pieces, but it is not a two-way relationship, and I have a feeling that it’s because I don’t drink and have been sober for over 25 years. Her and her husband our drinkers, so maybe they feel uncomfortable. She seems pulled more toward her dad than I. Is it wrong to back away from her for awhile to guard my heart? I still contact her on a regular basis but it’s very hard not to develop a resentment. I pray for her on a daily basis, and every time I think of her, I give her to God, and ask him to work in her heart and mind to seek peace above all from God himself and not crutches like alcohol and wordly desires.

  4. I have had those walls around my heart. I was angry because my husband has Dementia, and I was feeling very sorry for my self. Till one day I realized that God knew this was going to happen in our lives, and that we would not enjoy retirement years like other folks. But lI learned to lay these thoughts at the cross, and now that angry is gone. But it is sometimes a struggle, because I know that Satan would like to see me feel defeated, but I will not allow him to have that hold in my life. I keep praying and being very thankful for what Jesus has done for me.

  5. Hi I too have wreckage from the past. Emotional baggage. My dad was a heavy drinker who came from a broken family. His dad left him in his youth. This must have left him with abandonment issues. His older brother took the responcibility of leader in the home. He was abusive. He must have abused my dad which caused emotional damage and the over use of alcohol.
    My relationship with my dad was distant. He had a heavy conscience. He did many things he was ashamed of. He abused my mom and us. He died at age 52.
    I so want a close walk with my God but its not happening. I too have been a follower of Jesus for over 30 years but am stuck with inner turmoil and anger. I have forgiven my dad and understand his brokeness. I can’t enjoy a close walk with my Lord and have angry thoughts towards Him. I dont understand why. It depresses me a lot.
    I need healing .
    I believe i have strongholds that the enemy has built up in my mind. I ask the Lord to demolish them. It must be a process. Rich

  6. Thanks for these great comments. They confirm how common walls are, because we’ve all been hurt and carry emotional baggage. God wants to heal our wounds, empty the baggage so the walls become unnecessary. Give him permission to heal the wounds, then see the walls crumble.

  7. I’ve been separated with my wife for 10 yrs and don’t see us getting back together. My resentment is that after being abandoned with 4 daughters aging from 3 yrs old to 16 yrs old I have forgiven her but the pain although gone I still have difficulty talking to her on the phone as she lives in another city now and have not seen her for a long time. My hope and prayer is that God my Father will show me what steps to take to move forward in our new separate lives.

  8. How interesting! When i asked God in prayer if i had walls, like your wife suggested in the video, immediately the thought ‘the busyness’ came to mind.

    I’ve been struggling to step up for a sunday school program or not. I feel no call from God to do it, it just fits my hearts desires and circumstances in other ways. Their are some emotional unsafe considerations about it too. But it still is persistent in my mind!

    This is what busyness looks life for me. Busyness is running programs rather than just being program-free and living without an agenda, at home. I believe God wants me to focus on home life. But i can;t see what is all involved in that, so i keep entertaining doing and creating other programs.

    Yet today, it is clear that i am still impeeding God’s free flow of love and life though me by being occupied by programs. sigh! It is a wall! A barrier to living in true freedom! I can tell now, by how hard it is for me to obey…i just want to get occupied by program structure and needs. ahhhh!

    Thank you again for leading me into a pertinent prayer for my life! God bless you and your ministry!

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