Let’s set the captives free!

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Too many Christians are bound by this

They are living double lives with a big secret.

They were lured into an evil trap and don’t know how to get out.

I’m talking about pornography and sexual addiction… in the church.

They are drowning in shame and think that God has written them off.

But he hasn’t!

He can’t wait to help.

But he’s waiting for your permission.

Click on the video and let’s get this issue out in the open so healing can begin!

Now I want to hear from you

Have you been set free from this? Share your testimony to encourage others. Just leave your comments in the box below.


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Comments 7

  1. Thank you for sharing openly about this addiction! I was first exposed to pornography at the age of 9 or 10. It came through reading novels that had descriptive scenes in them. This hooked me and it progressed to magazines. This shameful, hidden, addiction had a negative impact on my marriage, my relationship with God and others. The power of this addiction was broken over time by confession. accountability; reading the word and crying out to God. I discovered Him to not only be my Savior; but deliverer. It was very difficult for me to get this sin out in the open as I was a worship leader in church at the time; and the lies and shame attached to this addiction held me in chains. I am SO thankful for those that were safe for me to share with and loved me unconditionally through to freedom. Exposing this sin to a few mature Christian ladies was a big part of my healing and deliverance! I still struggle with resisting images at times; but this is few and far between now, and my relationship with my husband is growing stronger as a result:)

  2. Hi Grant:

    You are quite right, pornography is a very secret thing, cutting people off from others and God. I had this problem but the Lord helped me be an overcomer. That does not mean that satan is not still trying to draw me back. I went to prison for a while and there God provided me with other Christian believers. We made a small group for bible study and scripture search. After my release I got into a 12 Step program and that has become a ministry for me. I know there are a number of resources out there but the one that I find the most useful is one called the 12 Step Spiritual Journey. This book is more God centered than some and helps to reestablish relationships with God as well as with others. Praise the Lord for my journey so far and His help for the future.

  3. Well said Dr. Mullen.
    God is good and was able to deal with this hidden addiction, sin, in my life.
    It’s the shame that drives it down into one’s heart. Confession drives it up and out.

  4. James 5:16..So then, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you will be healed. The prayer of a good person has a powerful effect.

  5. I was so bound by this before becoming a Christian. But when I became a Christian, I went home and threw everything away that was even remotely pornographic and never went back to it since. Sometimes I was tempted, but the Holy Spirit has always kept me away from it. That was 2007. Praise God.

  6. So difficult. After only months of marriage. He 61, and I 59, I caught him viewing pornography. He has been addicted since a young teen. He refuses to admit that this is an issue. I went for months of weekly counselling. He went twice and refused to open up. I see no remorse, compassion or understanding. I am to blame. After 16 months of sheer agony, mental abuse, spiritual attacks I left. He insists he wants the marriage to work but after 7 months of seperation has done nothing to change and refuses to listen to anything he does not want to hear. I am heartbroken. He will not talk except to say mean things to me. I have lost everything as he had financially, emotionally, and spirituality left me dry. Yet, he wants me to come home. As he is a born Christian he feels I cannot leave or withhold sex. I just need peace of mind and self worth to return to me.

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