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We are trying to keep up with all the questions you’ve sent in

Thanks for all the questions. It’s great to hear from so many of you.

In this video Kathy and I will answer as many questions as we can about personal transformation (and a few other unusual things). The video goes longer than usual since we wanted to answer as many as possible… and show you our garden.

We have answers to your questions

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The Power of WordsFor more information on breaking generational curses and to do the freedom prayers with me, watch or listen to The Power of Words.
You will understand:
• The power of words to bless or curse
• The 3 sources of curses
• How to use spiritual weapons to set yourself and your family free.
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For more information on DID visit Restoration in Christ Ministries.

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  1. I wanted to share what has happened in my life. I have been on anti-depressants for about 10 years. Dr. Mullen was my Dr. until you retired a few years ago. About 6 weeks ago I had an encounter with the Lord. I’ve been doing a bible study on the book of Romans through precept bible ministries. We spent several weeks and when I got to Romans 2 verse 1 about judging others when your own life needs work, the Lord just broke me, I had an encounter with Satan and God, and felt like Brenda died and and God raised me up. I stopped taking my anti-depressants also took them at bed time to sleep and haven’t needed them either. I have a new lease on life, my mind is much clearer and handling stress much better. Just very thankful what God is doing in my life.

  2. Thank you Grant and Kathy for your time and energy to serve Christ’s living body, to feed us, teach us , and call us to wholeness in our soul and spirit. Thank you both for being faithful to the vision He has given you.

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