My Unexpected Journey

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I wanted to be an anesthetist!

Yes, a sleep doctor.

It’s the most Godly of all medical specialties. (I’ll explain why)

But God had other plans.

He gradually taught me what was going on inside our mind, spirit and personality.

It changed the course of my life.

I stopped putting my patients to sleep and gave them the keys to personal transformation.

Click on the video and I’ll explain how it happened.

To live a transformed life you need to have healthy emotions.

Now I want to hear from you

Has God ever changed your career path? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. What a beautiful and informative interview with your self-Dr. Grant Mullen and Gerry Johnston on Crossroads recently.
    I look back in retrospect and NOW, begin to understand some of the church problems/frustrations Marianna and I experienced in our church (s) down through the years and after having read your book for the “3” rd time, God’s amazing light is just beginning to shine thru. It is like a huge jigsaw puzzle suddenly coming together as I NOW have all the pieces, where previously, I thought that some of the pieces were permanently lost!

    thank you DR. Mullen

    Terry FELVUS— Grassie Ontario

  2. absolutely wonderful book ” Emotionally free” Reading it for the second time.

    It is bang on. Thank you

  3. Dr. Grant,
    I saw almost all your interviews on ‘Crossroads’ CTS network and enjoyed them all . I have written away asking for your book and am anxiously awaiting it’s delivery in the mail.
    My dream was to become a psychiatric registered nurse but an accident I was in, leaving me physically disabled, precluded that idea. The Lord had a different plan for my life . He directed me (opened doors no man could shut) into employment counselling and job placement work.
    I was delighted that the Lord did this for me because I loved this type of work and always tried to give it my 100% effort and, I had some remarkable success that was noted locally and federally. It was a place where I shared Jesus with many customer/clients and led them to appropriate churches. God Almighty ” used me ” in this environment and I truly felt ‘fulfilled’ in it!!
    After 14 years of this work I was medically retired because I had a time frame where I was having multiple grand mal seizures; yet even though I was officially retired from ‘this ministry,’ I am grateful to Jesus that I had been given this opportunity to practice my faith and share love with people of every description. .

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