Nine things Santa doesn’t want you to know

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Santa has problems!

I spotted at least nine serious issues that Santa has, that most people are unaware of.

The man needs help and we shouldn’t let him into our homes every year.

Click on the video and I’ll explain my findings.

Send this video to your friends so they can protect themselves on Christmas Eve.

Santa gets far too much attention at Christmas.

It’s Jesus’ birthday. He is the star of Christmas but he gets lost in the tinsel and wrapping paper.

He gave the greatest gift of all… himself!

To live a transformed life you need to receive Jesus’ free gift to you this Christmas.

Now I want to hear from you.

How do you keep Jesus in Christmas? Just leave your comments below.

Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!


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    1. Hello Grant and Kathy and once again thanks for the enlightenment. I believe in the spirit of Christmas and Santa. The trick and challenge is to make Jesus and His birth the relevancy of all that’s good during His Birthday celebration. I would not kick Santa out per say but make sure he’s second fiddle to what’s more important. God Bless all of us and Merry Christmas. you should of had a Santa outfit on. M and M.

  1. Hi Dr. Mullen~
    We recognize Jesus at Christmas first by attending the Christmas Eve service at our church. Then, on Christmas day, we remember, and we also thank Jesus for His coming and His sacrifice because of His great love for mankind.
    Sadly, we too, place far too much attention on us and our presents. But, you know, I have to wonder,,,,does the Lord mind all that love and joy being spread around on that day. Spreading love and joy is something we need to learn to do each day of the year, with or without presents, but Christmas day is a reminder to us all that this is what life is all about….love and relationships.
    Have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas, Dr. Mullen!
    Thank you for your ongoing newsletters and videos!

  2. Your video kept me chuckling!
    Here is how our family remember’s Jesus on his birthday.
    We remember Jesus on his birthday by first going to church on Christmas Eve, then in the morning we read the story of his birth in Luke chapter 2,
    before we share the gifts to each other around the tree we remind each other of God’s gift of his son to us.
    and third – we bake Jesus a birthday cake, because after all, it is HIS birthday!
    Those are a few of the ways our family keeps Christ in Christmas.

  3. Your video was very funny and made some good points!

    We remember to keep the Christ in Christmas by attending the Christmas Eve service at our church, and our unsaved family allows us to say grace before dinner (hosted by them), during which we acknowledge Jesus’ birthday. This year, we don’t have a Christmas tree, but we do have a Nativity Scene in our living room to note the season.

    You are absolutely right when you say that our society puts too much emphasis on Santa and very little on Jesus, the reason for the season.

    Recently, my husband and I picked up a load of food drive food for our church’s food bank at a local school. Their bulletin board had descriptions of the different occasions like Hannukah, Kwaanza, Ramadan, etc, and those descriptions included the religious reason for the observance. Christmas however, was described as: “A blend of old and new traditions.” No mention that it is Christ’s birthday!

    By the way, did you know that Santa is opening up another workshop at the South Pole for his clients in the southern hemisphere? North Pole, South Pole……I guess that makes him officially bipolar!

    He’s also transporting some white bears from the north to the south to standardize the atmosphere…..and renaming them bipolar bears.

    (Ever heard of this organization? He trains mental health patients in doing stand up comedy about their illnesses and organizes shows. He says its very therapeutic.

    Dr Grant and Kathy, have a Merry Jesus filled Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Thanks for the blogs – they’re great, and keep ’em coming!

  4. I like to tell Children about the real St. Nicolas who was indeed a very generous and loving person, who gave to the needy. Now it seems like it is a way to further spoil already spoiled children. My favorite Christmas decoration is a manger scene that Is one of my oldest. It puts the real reason for the holiday front and centre in my living room. Merry Christmas and God Bless Grant and Kathy

  5. Oh my gosh!!! That was priceless!!!

    One of the ways we keep Christ in Christmas is by not singing Santa songs, keeping winter songs to a minimum and pointing out the lyrics in the carols. Not just the ones that are wrong, such as, “Wise men coming to the manger,” (Mat 2:11) but the true ones like, “Cast out our sin and enter in,” and “In His name all oppression shall cease!” …

  6. Hi Grant and Kathy,

    A Very Merry Christmas and a Good New year 2011 to you both.

    That message about Santa was very good, I really enjoyed how you examined him, I do agree that Santa has taken over where we should centre everything on Jesus Birthday.

    I have baked a Christmas Cake with a manger with baby Jesus on top as I do believe we should centre our time over Jesus,

    Though some of my loved ones have not accepted Jesus into their hearts yet I will continue to pray,

    God Bless and have a wonderful Christmas


  7. Grant, that was priceless! That was just too funny! Merry Christmas to you and Kathy and wishing you Gods richest blessings in the new year! Happy New Year!

  8. Merry Christmas Grant and Kathy!
    I am still remembering and listening to all of the teachings you gave at Shiloh Place about a year and a half ago where we first met. They are timeless! Thanks for letting God use your lives to impact so many. I am forwarding this particular video to friends as I think it is quite relevant. It is nice to see your website expanding to include personal counselling time for those who would like to access it. Blessings to you both!
    Gales Ferry CT

  9. Thank you for pointing out many problems with Santa, Dr. Mullen. One way we try is to keep Santa dolls and ornaments from our house. Would rather cover the tree with angels and nativity ornaments, plus having more large nativity’s around the house.

    We also sent our grandchildren a little book that makes into a nativity scene, with lots of other Christmas activities, so they can learn more about Jesus.
    My husband comes from a very large family – extended now it is close to 200 people. We rent a hall every year to celebrate Christmas and never have a silly Santa showing up, but there’s always plenty of gifts and goodwill. God is so good to us – thru all the bad times too!

    Has anyone else noticed how hard it is to purchase anything that tells the true story of Christ’s birth? It’s all and reindeer. Where are the lighted wise men and camels? Where are the shepherds and sheep? Where is the creche?
    Aren’t you all tired of the p.c. surrounding this blessed time?

  10. Your video really made me think in relation to GOD.
    Isn’t God a lot like Santa OR vice-versa. He lives alone, somewhere in a place far away from us, Isolated. He has little minions (angels-elves) to do his beck and call. He has a list that has our names on it (book of life-naughty/nice list). He sees us when were are sleeping, he knows if we’ve been bad or good. AND MOST OF ALL, we are waiting for his return (Jesus).

  11. We have chocolate coins on St Nicholas day and read a book about St Nicholas, the original.
    We have never had santa, and have always told our kids he is not real. Our eldest son, nearly 8, loves maths, so we have also shared with him the mathematical probability of santa – Someone asked him yesterday is he looking forward to santa coming – and he answered ‘he’s not real, and if he ever was he is dead now’. We have talked about not saying such things to other kids as it is up to their parents to tell their children the truth of santa.
    We have no santa but lots of fun.
    We do have a tree, presents and also a birthday cake for Jesus and sing him happy birthday. This year my daughter said – lets take our cake outside so God and the angels can blow the candles out with the wind.
    We also go to the Christmas morning church service.
    Merry Christmas Grant & Kathy.

  12. We use this season to emphasize “THE GIFT” Jesus as quoted in the gospel of Luke, as well as the Christmas eve service to honor Christ the KING .We place an importance on relationships and family and just have a wack off food and fun just being together.It is a time to count your blessings that come from our heavenly father and oh yeah watch the world junior hockey games.God bless us everyone!!!!

  13. Dr. Mullen. You are so funny. I laughed at all Santa’s “foibles” or personality “traits”. Yes, I agree….. Santa gets way too much kudos but not in our home!!! Each day, throughout the Christmas period, at our crib (nativity scene) my 3 boys and I light a candle (there are often fights at who’s turn it is to blow it out mind you) and say a prayer and thank God for the baby Jesus. Also, my boys wear their annual costumes of “shepherds” at the Christmas Eve children’s mass. We also sing “happy birthday” to Jesus before we eat our Christmas meal. I make sure that my family know….. the reason for this Christmas season. Bless you and Kathy. Liz x

  14. Hello Grant,
    That was very funny. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the humour very much.
    Christ should be the main focus of this holiday; it is man’s only hope in this troubled world. How to keep Him in our holiday season? Keeping things simple, reading and studying scripture. Demonstrating love and forgiveness to those around you. Be that example.
    I read a little book entitled: Parable of the Little Seed by Wayne MacLeod. This is one of the simplest forms of the gospel told to little children. This is what they need to hear.
    Dr. McMullen, please have a blessed Christmas with your family. Elizabeth

  15. I have a question for you Dr, Mullen about Christmas.

    When your children were small,did you tell them christmas is about Jesus and not santa or did you let them believe in Santa?

    I agree Santa Claus gets too much attention which is all wrapped up in the relentless purchases.(pun intended)

    A part of me dreads Christmas because I haven’t been invited to my husband’s family’s home because of our separation.The kids are going too.
    I’m spending christmas with my brother’s family.

    I have no relationship with my brother or his family. I’m dreading the superficiality I”ll need to endure.
    I did buy a gift for the hostess as a thankyou for the invitation.

  16. My kids knew about Santa but they were always aware that it was just a Christmas story. I believed it though when I was a kid.
    It was a hard day when Kathy told me the truth about Santa. She felt I should know before our kids were born.
    This page is now full of great suggestions for Christmas!

  17. yea I keep santa out of our house and keep Jesus lifted up by portraying the story of his birth on our christmas tree, the tree then becomes a talking point if peple want to talk about the story anbd we give from our gome to others to keep the heart of God flowing and anyone is welcome oin our home on christmas day. bless you all and a prosperous new year in the Lord.

  18. On Christmas morning before we open any gifts we always read Luke 2 so the kids always know the reason for Christmas is Jesus. They are older teens now and we will still do it.

    Another way I keep Christ in Christmas is to say “Merry Christmas” to all people I come in contact with at stores, Tim Horton’s, grocery stores.
    I have never had anyone reject my greeting, in fact they usually smile and pass on the same to me. I even said Happy Hannukah to my eye doctor today who is Jewish, he smiled when I said it.

    Merry Christmas to both you and Kathy and your family, have a blessed time.
    From our home to yours,

  19. I grew up with the whole Santa thing but since then I have accepted Jesus…My husband never did Santa and so we opted out which was fine with me, we really did not want to lie about some guy in a red suit and take away from Jesus! So we sing Christmas carols and Happy birthday to Jesus before we open any presents. We share with our kids that we give gifts to help you understand God gave a gift, the greatest gift but we we never know what it is or how it can help us unless we OPEN it. Last Thing, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

  20. In points 1-8 you are showing how silly the “religiously correct” are who take great pains to show how spiritual they are by putting down a secular icon.

    You do have a somewhat valid point 9, although it is also a also little silly to worry about Santa stealing the thunder from Jesus. Most Christmas carols are not about Santa, and none of them say that he came to save us from our sin.

  21. When I was in Grade 3 I found out that Santa was a lie from the school yard bullies. This actually scarred me for another 30 years actually not being able to trust my parents who failed to protect me from a severe lie(to an 8 yr old). As an adult with kids I tell them the truth about the “Santa” fable, St Nickolas and others that were real and we read the story of the birth of Christ and what he has done for us.


  22. Grant, I liked your observations on Mr. Claus. Every child and family should know that Christmas is all about Jesus and his coming to the world because he loves us so so much. This is the true love, that he came down from Heaven to live like a humble human being. a perfect and sinless life in order to restore us to his father, Father God. And he obeyed his father to the very end giving his life for us in ransom for our redemtion. Thank you Grant for writing about this. The same is in my heart every single Christmas.

  23. Freddie and I have always taught our sons that Jesus its the true reason we celebrate, but santa was a fun thing just like the easter bunny and the tooth fairy but not real. our youngest son insisted for the first 2 years of school that he was real, we would calmly reinforce the truth. We donot argue about this issue with other parents but use the many resources we have to show the truth. reading the nativity story is the best of all. I have my nativity scene up in my house, send cards showing it, and have a nativity scene in the window of my small yarn shop as my silent witness which has invoked conversation. thank you so much for your witty video,
    God bless you both

  24. I believe in celebrating with vigor the beautiful birth of Jesus Christ…however, I also believe in the joy and merryment that is brought through the fun fable of a Santa Claus. We know that Jesus has and does, but, it is both relief and treasured pleasure to believe that a lowly human being could be as generously giving as that demonstrated in the care of Santa. It brings me hope because I believe that story too has been blessed upon us by the pure generosity of a Loving God. It is not intended to harm, or for that matter to replace the truth…simply in fun! Also, it is a valued and treasured gift from God that I am able to honor the “Jesus” I see in the beautiful family and friends that surround me…In honor of Jesus’ “birth” day, I give to them as I can…because God through his son Jesus has blessed me the priveldge of being able to do so…Santa, kept in perpective…is good! Lets not slot the joyful story in with the other evil of this world…And, I believe God loves me despite.Very Blessed CHRISTmas Dr. Mullen to you and those you love!!

  25. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ho, Ho, Ho! I love your diagnosis of Santa’s mental health and the invitation to give centre stage to the real Bright and Morning STAR.

  26. I found this an entertaining video today. Particularly as I had had a call from our children’s school, that rang me concerned. Our 5 year old son was saying to the other children… Santa isn’t actually real. Who is this guy anyway? He wont fit down our chimney, mum and dad buy my presents…. and anyway, I love Jesus.
    I was proud of Mr 5.

  27. Will you all just lighten up, in the name of all that,s Holy, I tell children God is the boss of Christmas, He tells Santa, that he loves all his boys and girls, and He wants to send them gifts to show them how much he still loves them..

  28. that is the reality that the world needs to know!!! Too bad they have blinded themselves to the comercial lie of Christmas.
    God’s greatest gift ever is the giving of His Son Jesus. Unfortuneately a lot of people want to leave Him in the mangor, but He has grown and is waiting for us and calling us forward into what He has for us, that is to those who love Him and are walking in obedience. To those who are struggleing at this time of the year, I encourage you to reach out and as Jesus for His help, and He will send the Holy Spirit to help and guide you in to ALL TRUTH.
    May God’s choicest blessing be with you Grant and Kathie, thank you for your encouragement. to everyone who reads this, have an awesome Christmas, Jesus is the reason for the season.

  29. Iam very surprised at your presentation and how you expect that all christians struggle with santa claus. I and many of my christian family do not in any way include santa. This is a pagan idol and you should know how God must view this mockery of God, Jesus and angels, I see you have a tree full of lights in your photo- do you not know why this is a pagan evil practise and what this unholy mix is evil and is not honnoring to God our Father. Do your homework! Stand up for truth and quit with the wishy washy lessons you are trying to teach. I am flabbergasted to see how practically ALL miniters follow the practises of the early pagans and how the so called christians tried to have pagan stuff infiltrate chrictiany so that the pagans would join them. COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM saith the Lord! Check your Bible and see what it has to say about this evil practise that goes on and called Christmas. Study, Pray and stop being an infant who does not know better. It is timeyou do!

  30. You are both great, thanks so much for your ongoing ministry. Don’t be discouraged by those who may be ultra legalistic, what would Jesus think and do, I think he would be very proud of all that you do!!! It’s so easy for some to sit back and criticize but I think Jesus tells us not to do that either. There are some hard facts about the world we live in todayand we need to approach those concerns with dignity and kindness and of course LOVE!! Lest we lead anyone astray, keep on doing what you do!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  31. I thought the video had some merit but why does Kathy have dark glasses on.. is she hiding from something.. the hat I can understand it might be cold where you are..

    just wondering..

  32. You have an awesome life with our Lord, ( I have issues with using the word “ministry”) You bless so many with His Holy Word. Christmas is not the real date of Yeshua’s birthday, it happens to be September 11. I have 5 kids and some grandkids so I do not spoil thier celebration of Christmas just because it isn’t “my” holiday. My kids all celebrate Chirstmas as thier time to celebrate Yeshua’s or as they call the Lord, Jesus’s birthday so at least Yeshua is the center of this celebration for them and yes I celebrate it with them as we are family. Let love win and let grace lead us all the time especially this time of year. Bless you and keep up His, our Lord Jehovah’s great work!! Love you and Merry, Blessed Christmas.

  33. Ha ! Good One Again, Grant and Kathy … !

    St. Nicolas was, indeed, a real man, a kindly Bishop in Turkey in around the 3rd century. One can Google and read about him. I doubt he’d be pleased to see how his life morphed into what we have today which takes front and center throughout November and December. Today’s Santa was contrived by the Coca Cola company around 1936… they created his present image. This link tells how they groomed up the so-called Santa Claus to capture everyone’s imagination in North America. The commercial world and parents everywhere, not to mention schools and community clubs, push and promote this stuffed red coat relentlessly.

    We give this fat red character no time and no place in our home. He gets in the way of the Real Deal, tries to steal the show, and should not be adored.

    Christmas ( The Mass – “service” – of Christ ) has only to do with Jesus ! And it can actually be a quiet, joy-filled, and sane time if one stops to think, savor, quiet the heart and experiencing gratefulness instead of squandering time, money, energy and health on the nonsense that goes on and on …

    Here’s how we survive the season …. errr, I mean, “celebrate”. By not getting caught up in the crazy noisy gaudy demanding vortex “out there” which starts in November. We say no to about 90% of invitations during this time. Who needs turkey dinner that often? Why does every office, team, club, circle, church, school, and group of friends have to have a Christmas Party? One after another. It goes on for weeks. And we gals, who usually do the food preps, get AWfully tired of it all. No wonder everyone’s tired and sick by the end of December – Turkey and Treats Hangovers.

    Oh – Wait ! They’re sick already in early December ! I hear too many people moan in a checkout line or elsewhere … “Can’t wait till this is over”. I want to take them by the shoulders, gently shake them, look deep in their eyes, and quietly say, “Well… then…. stop! ”

    And the ubiquitous question .. “Are you ready for Christmas?” I tell the asker I’m ready year-round. Always get a funny look.

    And who needs anymore stuff? Our homes, sheds, cars, and rental storage units are plugged with stuff. And who believes this bit about “needing to teach the children how to give during this season, to think of others?” That lesson is supposed to be included in character training day after day, year in and year out, and exampled by the parents. Besides, the kids aren’t thinking about ANYthing except gifts, because they’ve been whipped into a dither called Christmas giving and What Is Santa Bringing You?

    One of the challenges we’ve tossed out to friends and family for years, now, is to go completely giftless. Even just once ! Try It ! And some year don’t even prepare any of the traditional, cherished baking. It’s a great experiment, and sooo freeing. Nothing bad happens. One discovers There’s Life After Christmas.

    On the years we’ve done giftless, we float through December, rested, healthy, and sometimes sit in a mall, hot chocolate in hand, and watch the sad, zombie crowds shuffling, shuffling, all on automatic pilot … buy …buy …buy … moaning about not finding the right stuff…. about what they’re spending…. about taking more loan out to buy such and such, or so and so will kill them if they don’t get the right gift for them. What’s THAT??!! Why don’t they just quit this burdensome activity?

    We love the tree and the lights which can be “seasonal decor” any time of the year. We love the heritage baking and exchanging a few small thoughtful gifts. We love singing Christmas songs and reading Luke 2, and getting together with family, but none of it makes us crazy, and we could easily dispense with it all.

    Our tree goes up much later than most, for it’s not Christmas yet ! Christmas is around the 24th and 25th, or at least it used to be. It used to be that families would enjoy, closer to those dates, one Christmas Concert or Sunday School Pageant, maybe some caroling, a Church Service and then a big family gathering. The turkey thing, and gift exchange. That’s it. But typical of North Americans, we Biggify EVERYthing, and keep adding more, more, more to the show.

    All I need during this time when we mark Jesus’ entry to earth, is quiet time to think about that amazing night — an angel party in the Heavenlies, them so excited at what God’s done they’re shouting and singing praises, and telling the shepherds He’s Come ! Go find Him ! And the shepherds all excited and happy, too. That’s “all”. Whatever the actual date of Jesus’ birth, that’s “all” that happened on that one day. None of the craziness we’ve concocted and then try to wade through this time of year.

    Thanks for helping to poke holes in the Big Red Balloon. Maybe it’ll pop one day !


  34. Thinking about Christmas is thinking about when our love from our God was born 4 the second time to forgive all our sins in the name of Jesus — and when the Holy Spirit came upon us as believers in Jesus after He was crucified for all our sins carrying it for all who believe and have faith in the name of Jesus — so that we are all blessed through Him to do wonders in His name and draw closer to Him in our quite time hearing the Holy Spirit speaking back to us knowing that we all are part of the body of Jesus through the love and blessings for us all


  35. You are so right Grant about Santa, in fact these last few christmas events we just get together as a family, and I also know that Jesus was not really born on Christmas Day, not all my family believe, but I celebrate Jesus not Christmas.

    We even decided not to give presents but just to spend time together, and you do remind me that those messages children are told are not true.

    Have a wonderful New Year 2013


  36. Your santa comments were very funny. If Christmas is so good why is there so much depression,lonliness and suicide attempts at this time of year ? And why do we allow so many pagan customs to be part of this holiday ?

  37. You guys are great fun! Sometimes people in the church have no sense of HaHa!! What?? I think God wants me to keep my sense of humor alive and well used…so I do. My Mum used to love to go to the big mall and shop and have a nice lunch with wine. So now in her memory my sister and I go out to the mall and repeat this fun time in Mum’s memory. There are so many fun things to do at Christmas and so many are free.
    Pray, go to church, remember Christ’s Birthday and enjoy your loved ones.

    Merry Christmas Grant and Kathy!!!

  38. Merry CHRISTmas everyone!
    When I was a teenager I went to a youth camp where the main speaker talked about putting the CHRIST back into CHRISTmas …from then onwards …I always spell CHRISTmas this way …to emphasise this and as a reminder …to me and others. I have also stopped shortening CHRISTmas as ‘Xmas’ …which implies that CHRIST has been crossed out!!! and now write it Tmas for short if I need to…which reminds me of the cross Jesus sacrificed his life on!! just some thoughts!
    Another annoying thing at CHRISTmas is all the cards in our shops with snow and elves and santas and holly and figgy pudding!!! …I live in the southern hemisphere ….so we have sun and red flowering trees called Puhutkawa …and eat yummy summer food for CHRIST mas such as strawberries!!! …so snowmen and snow flakes aren’t the things that CHRISTmas is really about here …hence it is important to put the CHRIST back into CHRIST mas even more!!!
    May you all have a blessed CHRISTmas 🙂

  39. Grant and producer, Kathy:

    Absolutely excellent…in a class all its own!!!! What creativity…I am immediately thinking of all the folks I can send this to!!!! What a delight…I needed a very good chuckle tonight and you gave me one…and most of all, what an amazing plan the Lord had in coming as our Saviour!


  41. The world says “Happy Holiday”, and they celebrate CHRISTMAS but may not know what the season is all about. Whenever someone says Happy holidays to me, I always say Merry Christmas to them. Whenever I can, I let them know what the “holiday” is really all about and to keep Christ in Christmas. After all, He IS the reason we celebrate, not only at this time of the year, but each and every day of our lives.

    God bless you and Kathy this Christmas and may 2014 be prosperous and full of God’s love and joy.

  42. Santa pathologically needs our approval. He lies so that we think he is such a great guy bringing toys to all the good kids around the world. But only affluent homes get toys. The majority of children in poor parts of the world never do. Lies.

  43. Jesus is the reason for the season.
    Today is Jesus’s birthday….lets celebrate!
    Thank you Lord for all you have created on earth for us to enjoy.
    Thank you for all the Blrssings you have bestowed on us.

    Happy Birthday Jesus…We love you !

    Aline & Bill

  44. You two made me laugh when i needed it most THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…….JOY TO THE WORLD AND ALSO THE MULLENS!!! GOD BLESS

  45. Loved your video with your tongue firmly “in your cheek” until you talked about Jesus. Taking time with Him is my way of honoring His birth.
    Merry CHRISTmas to you.

  46. I’ve always suspected this from the old coot but you’ve really nailed his issues down cold. No more Mr. Nice Guy! He’ll get carrot sticks and a healthy parsley cleanse brew this year. Merry Christmas

  47. Santa is a Maple Leafs fan, that is why! We read the “Christmas Story” in the morning before opening gifts and thank Jesus for all that we have by naming it. Kids know that I am Santa.(not a leafs fan though)

  48. We have never done the Santa thing with our 7 children. I was very offended when, as a child, I discovered my parents had been lying about Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. I vowed I would never do the same to my children.
    Over the years, we have gone caroling, the kids have been in Christmas plays and programs, and we always go to Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve. This year, I started a new tradition. We are of German descent, and apparently, a German tradition is to hang and pickle on the tree. The person who finds it gets to be the first one to open a gift, and receives a special blessing.
    Merry Christmas from our house to yours.

  49. Thank you for that! It sure does sound like Santa Claus has a lot of mental issues.

    I, unfortunately have not attended a Christmas Eve service for years but Jesus is always in my heart and I consider December 25th to be His birthday( or at least the day we celebrate it on) and that He was and is The Greatest Gift ever given to me and all of mankind. The Word, forgiveness, grace and Love personified!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  50. We (husband, myself, 2 children and some extended family) sing Happy birthday to Jesus, cut cake and give Him a home made present (song/card/letter/…). Our children (8 and 7) have always known that ‘Father Christmas’ (tooth fairy, Easter bunny,…) aren’t real (but they do respect others views), we’ve done this very consciously as we don’t want them to doubt the existence of Jesus…

  51. This is a good one, I taught my children that santa isn’t real, and taught them the real meaning of Christmas, the birth of our saviour Jesus Chris the son of God. May your holidays be a joyful. All the way from Baker Lake…

  52. This year we set up a Nativity scene and the last night my sons youth group set out hot chocolate and shared them with passersby along with candy canes and a Christmas Story. Unfortunately we didn’t have many people so they went door to door on our block. Hey had a blast

  53. That is absolutely hilarious….LOL!!! Merry Christmas to two very special people and we pray for a most blessed and prosperous New Year….May 2017 be a year of Supernatural Breakthrough like you haven’t seen or experienced yet. We love you!

  54. Thanks for reminding us what Christmas is all about. Loved the video. Puts things in their proper perspective. God bless! P.S.: Shall be sharing it with my friends.

  55. How do we keep Jesus in Christmas?
    Oh boy…it seems like a big question after reading many comments.
    Sometimes i’very thought the focus on scrooge and giving is a distraction…but the negativity of fellow Christians about such things and other things has made me feel appalled and think such negativity is distracting and discouraging as well.
    GOD sending Jesus is the most generous kind action. Selfless. Jesus, not grasping on to his divinity, but letting it go was Selfless loving kindness. He endured so much yuck for years as well as in his betrayal and execution for our sake. To be a recipient of such kindness is a privilege as well as a responsibility. We can only respond with a humble wow and thank you and do all we can to obey his directions of how to live the new life we’ve been given.
    We are receivers.
    Many parallels can be made between Christmas traditions and Jesus’ life gift to us. We use object lessons, activities, traditions to repeat and reinforce who God is, who Jesus is and who we are.
    I think if parents pick and chose traditions that are meaningful to worship God, to be thankful to God and to teach our children and neighbors about Jesus, then we are pleasing the Father and doing his good will. Meaning can be lost when we are not speaking truth with our actions or when we jam too much together. When we seek God he answers. So it is best to seek God on what to do and what to not do for traditions and celebrations.
    I think having a feast honors God.
    I think reading the bible is essential every day, but should be done with special review on Christmas.
    We began keeping Christmas decorated mugs and place mats and figurines out all year since we think Christ’s coming is something we shold engage all year long.
    Christmas trees are so unique with special feeling. It’s hard to let them go. The everlasting theme of EVERGREEN can be parallel to God’s gift being of eternal impact. Our family makes decorations each year as a way to have oneness and bonding and reflection of the fruit God enables us to have because of his gift…joy…Peace…love…

  56. LOVED your comments about Santa! HA, HA, HA! I am keeping Jesus the star of the event in my heart by listening to and talking with Him and being a prayer partner on the Crossroads 24/7 prayer line on Christmas day.

  57. Dear Dr. Grant

    Yes, I knew you were an intelligent, loving and caring doctor who helps so many folks, including me, who are struggling with your physical and mental health. And to teach us how to overcome them and live the life that God wants for us. I have such respect for you. However, I did NOT know that you are also hilarious !!! I LOL’d so hard and watched it three times. I am saving it so if I need a laugh over the holidays, I can watch you again.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Grant and Kathy.

    With love in Christ, Isobel xox

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