No more shame!

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Shame touches everyone

We all have areas in our life that we are ashamed of and want to hide.

It makes us feel defective, insecure, vulnerable and not as good as everyone else.

I didn’t think I had any.

I was wrong.

God had to take me out of my comfort zone to show me another area where I needed healing.

Click on the video and I’ll tell you what happened.

Now I want to hear from you

What did Jesus tell or show you when you asked him who you really were? Just leave your testimony in the box below.

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  1. I heard: My child, My child, My child!
    How pleased I am with you. I love when you come to Me like this. Look in My eyes. See My love, My delight, My patience . I am not mad at you.
    There’s nothing I would change about how I made you. I love where we are at in the journey . It’s about to get better. Get excited !
    My child, you are My hearts delight .

    Picture :

    Jesus and I walking on water on creek in forest and He was talking to the animals and laughing and showing me things in nature and I loved it but couldn’t quite enter into the playfulness. then He stood with
    me and 6 memories came quickly like we were peering into the past thru clouds . I recognized the Shame lies in each circumstance that said you are defective, inadequate, bad, not enough ,….I broke agreements with the lies , forgave people and halfway thru heard . “Dont hate her anymore . She is so precious.” And it was a young me that couldn’t look in my own eyes because I was shaming her. I made a commitment with Jesus to take care of her now . I asked her forgiveness and asked her to come home and told her I wouldn’t shame her anymore and that I hoped she wouldn’t have to cower with lowered eyes afraid of me anymore …..she asked my forgiveness too for the things she had done and not done . We laughed and said we are a beautiful mess!

    I’ve ordered CDs on shame . Thank you.

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