Release your generational blessings!

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Your ancestors are a mixed bag

Some brought blessings into the family line.

Others brought darkness.

Both have an impact on us today.

Click on the video and learn how to remove the darkness and release the blessings into your life today!

Now I want to hear from you

How are you starting a new era of blessing in your family? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Release the blessings!

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  1. So… Back in 1994 I discovered my 1 st husband was being unfaithful as well as his having an issue with alcohol abuse etc.
    Almost immediately it came to me by the power I believe of Holy Spirit that ” it was enough ! ” I began to pray that all abuse in our family would cease- all infidelity, all addictions, all emotional abuse, all mental abuse, all physical abuse and all co- dependency .
    At the time I was not familiar with generational ties to sin but I knew in my heart the Lord was delivering my children and myself from these sins from our families pasts. I praise God for the revelation He gave that day!

  2. Is anger a generational curse? My Father was a very angry man, he basically was alway’s angry and hitting us, and sometimes I just get so ticked off in just a few seconds. Like when my husband is rude to me. No one else in my life is rude to me, and it just makes me mad when he is. He never says sorry, and probably doesn’t even realize he is rude. I try so hard to get over it quickly by praying, but it seems I don’t want to get over it deep down inside. I would rather play the silent game and stew, and sometimes it can ruin my day. Please tell me what I should do. And is this anger related to my past?

  3. Anger is usually a reaction to something that you interpret in a negative way. It’s most often a result of the upbringing and the emotional baggage you collect as a child. So I think there are things in your baggage, that you learned as a child, that keep you angry. A counsellor should be able to help you with that. Or I have a video series on Anger you could get.
    Hope that helps.
    Grant Mullen

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