Robin Williams has made us think

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He was so funny!

Everyone loved him.

Rich and famous, he had the perfect life.

What did he have to be depressed about?

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Depression, the path to recovery

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  1. Grant what you shared to day is vital. Only now I am learning at 75 years of age how many of my family, siblings, nieces and nephews, counsins are troubled with this disorder. Thankfully, through the right medication and therapy my life has been transformed.



  2. It was a rather tough road , losing a job that I liked was the catalyst for the worst panic attacks ever, an ability to sleep and heavy depression that was causing weight loss, etc. It was horrible and even though ( a few) Christian friends tried to help (very few understand) and I was praying and being prayed for I was not getting better.
    I sought help with the Psychotherapist I had already seen before ( I had had some bouts before) but this time it was too much. The panic attacks were occurring almost all the time. I was afraid of most things, I was losing weight, couldn’t concentrate and my personality changed. My Therapist referred me to a Psychiatrist but I didn’t hear back so I went to my own physician, who put me on one sort of antidepressant and another drug that over drugged me and made me feel like a living zombie. He tried another drug and it didn’t work either. I kept praying and others were praying for me during this time which to me was hell on earth but God is good and gave me the strength to re contact my therapist to try and get a hold of the psychiatrist himself, which he did.
    The Psychiatrist was able to diagnose me right away with clinical depression and anxiety disorder (reason for the panic attack)s and Thank God put me on the medication that would finally turn my life around. It turns out that I had been suffering from depression for most of my life. I used to self medicate with alcohol when I was younger.
    My life has improved so much. This happened ten years ago and my meds have had to be adjusted over the years but now are down to a low level. I still remember what it was like before and appreciate so much that my mood disorder is under control and I can enjoy a normal, healthy life. Taking care of the disease has enabled my relationship with our Holy Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit to strengthen and now I know it was The Lord who sustained me and helped me find my way through though I couldn’t feel it then. I feel so blessed now.

  3. My friend helped me. She helped me to dig into the word of God, we prayed together…she more than me, since I could not pray…
    Playing and singing worship music
    Reflecting on where the Lord had done for me in the past…

  4. About 15 years ago I knew I had issues, so I sort counseling. Little did I know it to be depression. It wasn’t till I broke down emotionally at work that I found out how bad it was! The next day I had a counseling session and explained the event of the previous day. My counselor told me to quit the job now, see a doc to see a psychiatrist. So onto medication and continued counseling.
    There were days I didn’t want to read my Bible, – but I did it anyway. It helped that I had this as a routine in the past. Staying active is recommended, often I didn’t feel like it (didn’t feel that it did any good), but did it anyway. Being around people, especially happy ones, was hard – you guessed it I did it anyway. I explained it to people when I felt I could share, they didn’t always understand – but it did help.
    And I slowly worked my way back into the workforce.
    Still have issues, but I am making progress to solve them. Still on medication, was not happy at the start till I realized that I need them just like some people need glasses (including me now!).
    15 years sounds a long time, but having suppressed things for as long as I did … it isn’t a quick fix. It takes the time that it takes.
    My advise, is to get help and stay connected.
    Thanks Grant for the work you do. 🙂

  5. Thank you once again Grant for your ministry. You’ve help me and helped me help others. And, as a counsellor, it is often the case that its difficult for some Christians to accept that the depression they are dealing with is a medical condition not a character flaw.

    Anyone reading this he’s my perspective as a counsellor. If you are meeting with a counsellor, or pastor, or group leader for 5 or 6 times and continually struggle to either read your apply, apply God’s work, make some changes in your life – changes are you have a mood disorder that will respond to medical treatment. Then you will be able to apply and implement what others have been helping you with.

    Cheryl Shea, RPC

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  7. I have been on antidepressants most of the time for 15 years now. The three times I went off, I had extrememly serious bouts of major depression. One bout sent me to emerg. where I was hospitalized for 3 months. I tried everything from prayer to exercise to counselling to vitamins….etc but nothing improved. I kept losing weight and eventually became completely suicidal. I have never been so terrified in all my life. It wasnt until I was put on proper antidepressant medication that I improved and totally recovered. I truly believe there are at least 3 different types of depression- one that is situational and can pass on its own, one that is ongoing because of lifestyle but not serious enough to necessarily be on medication and can get better with changes in lifestyle and then theres major depressive disorder where it is mostly a chemical issue and has to be dealt with medically. When it is, a person can live a completely normal, happy life and Im living proof of it! Instead of feeling guilty all the time for being on medication or living in fear of what it might be doing to me, I now thank God with all my heart for it and trust that He can protect me from any negative effects.

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  9. Hi I would like that prayer for depression could you please send it to me. I just need prayer, because I feel alone and nothing really in break through with me I am seeing someone to talk once a week about how I feel because I have been through lots of trauma. I want to see God Glory on my life so I can help someone else. thank you so much Susanna

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