The best kept secret of cruise vacations

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How to gain less weight on a cruise without exercising or dieting!

Yes this week Kathy and I are on a cruise and of course we want you to join us. You’re like family.

Cruising is a great way to vacation. You only unpack once then eat continuously until you pack up again a week later. The only stress is the uncertainty of knowing if you will fit into your going home clothes.

On this trip we discovered a whole new feature of cruising that isn’t advertised for some reason.

It really adds to the adventure of what would otherwise be just a waist expanding experience.

We're on a cruise

Great to stand on something that isn't moving

In this video I’ll tell you how we discovered this well kept secret.

Just click on the video and put on your sunglasses.

To live a transformed life you need to take vacations.

Now I want to hear from you

What unique vacation experiences have you had? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Here’s the video blog from our last cruise on the Gluttony of the Seas.


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Comments 15

  1. We only went on a cruise one time and had no sea sickness whatsoever. My husband assured me that those ocean liners were stable. Although…on a deep sea fishing trip we took, I became horribly seasick! We were only into the first 15 minutes of the 9 hour trip when it began! Needless to say, I spent the first half of the trip in the only female bathroom! I can not see how anyone would go back on the water if they experienced such utter torment!

  2. Gosh Grant, no wonder it is all you can eat on those cruise ships — half the people can’t eat anyway! Yuck! Next time, take candied ginger with you and ginger teabags. A ginger tea on an empty stomach would have settled it, then you could have eaten.

    I have been on one cruise in the Mediterranean and it was wonderful but I’m not really looking to do another cruise. I’d much rather travel in the lands and meet the people.

  3. Hi Grant,i been on 2 cruises,and i love it.
    I never got seasick.So i don’t know what it is like.
    Mayby it is my age???i am in the 70..!!!!

  4. Vacation? What’s that? I run my own business and have no employees to fill in when I’m off so I just take long weekends. Not much time for adventures, just simple time off and visiting family & friends.

    I can see myself getting really sick on rough water because I can’t handle most fair rides.

    So… instead of a gym membership, people should just go on a cruise?

    I hope you have a great cruise.

  5. Hello Dr. Mullen
    I enjoy reading your blogs..Not sure if you remember me, but I want to thank you for being such a wonderful help to me back in the day when you were the first I had ever heard of a Christian doctor who was dealing in depression. Keep up the good work and again, thank you so much for all the help you gave to me.
    Kathy McKee

  6. The yuckiest I ever felt when travelling was being on a hovercraft, going across the English channel from England to France. That was torture, I couldn’t even keep my head up. Good thing it didn’t last that long (even though it felt like a long time!)

  7. Hi Grant. We’ve just booked a cruise from Melbourne Australia to New Zealand for 13 days In February 2012. Thanks Gen for the tip about ginger – I think I might try that. Someone passed on the way to beat sea sickness is by rubbing Vicks Vapour Rub into your navel (could it be an old wives tale?) but I might try that as well. Do you have Vicks in Canada? I hope our trip is not as rough as yours as this is our first cruise. Blessings to all Dr Grant Mullen fans and thanks Grant for inspiring us yet again

  8. I “enjoyed” your story on seasickness. I have been a commercial fisherman for some forty years now and know all about seasickness at least more then I care to remember. Great work Merry Christmas.

  9. Kevin, yes we have Vick’s Rub in Canada but I’ve never heard of it helping sea sickness. You could also try Vegemite on your navel, it probably works as well.
    Sounds like a great trip, I”d love to do that route. Rough seas are rare, you’ll have a great time. Check with your cruise line, they usually carry sea sickness pills that are free for anyone. That’s what Holland America does.
    We’ll be back in NZ in April.

  10. My sister and I went on an Alaskan Cruise the last week of September this year. The weather was dreadful but I enjoyed the cruise, I’m type two diabetic so always pack 3 or 4 of those plastic cups of apple and strawberry sauce (Motts brand) for times when I may have a low sugar incident, also pack gravol tablets,when the ship started swaying I took two gravol and ate a contaioner of apple sauce and relaxed. When we went for our Dinner I was just fine and enjoyed the rest of the trip, so did my sister. They kept telling passengers to eat Green Apples (Granny Smith), my apple and strawberry sauce worked just fine with the gravol. I didn’t gain any weight this cruise either, even though the meals were fantastic. This was my fourth cruise and my sisters first. She’s looking forward to booking another one so guess the weather didn’t put her off cruising! Blessings Colleen

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