The dream is alive!

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Has your dream died?

It looked so promising.

You had confirmations.

So you went ahead.

Then it all fell apart.

You were overwhelmed by discouragement and defeat.

Your dream died.

But God’s dream for you is alive and well.

Click on the video and learn how to switch from your dream to God’s dream.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you overcome discouragement when your dreams died? Just leave your comments in the box below.

The dream is alive!

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Comments 7

  1. Thank you Dr. Mullen… that is exactly what I needed to hear today.
    I listened through tears as you gave me hope for a new dream .. a God dream.

  2. I echo the thanks also. You said that sometimes God speaks through The Bible, our thoughts and through other people. Many times that has been you; using you to confirm the thoughts He puts in my mind. I can feel Him continually transforming me into a stronger woman of faith. Psalm 102:12-17…I’m not sure what vs 13 means by “it is time…” is supposed to mean but it’s an important verse to me this year for some reason. Thinking maybe it’s time to put some of my dreams into action for God. Thanksgiving in my heart! Gods armor for courage 😉

  3. I was given a promise 23 yrs ago, but when that dream died 8 yrs ago I fell away, it was too heartbreaking for me to handle, slowly as I have healed I have rededicated my life to Jesus for the last 4 yrs I’m sold out, I’m a stronger Christian and person, I still believe I will see the promise, but it doesn’t matter to me the way it once did, it has cost me everything to believe

  4. I don’t have a dream. I thought I was living my dream with 2 great kids, a great family good contract work, and what I thought was a good husband. My husband became abusive and now 2 years plus I am in a new city, jobs have been sporadic and I am between my old life – what I thought was a good life and waiting for my life to start again; at 57!
    God has ransacked me and made me new – I am blessed by my family, friends and churches (both old and new) He has given me a new sense of confidence. And I am still looking for my dream!

  5. Great reminder—even though a season of our lives may have broken dreams God is the restorer and his promises to us are unfailing!

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