The key to unlock your strongholds

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I hadn’t learned from my own blog

Yes I know I did a blog on strongholds a few weeks ago. But that blog was about your strongholds.

This week God showed me that I still had strongholds of my own.

That was embarrassing. I teach people how to recognize and get rid of strongholds. I thought I had dealt with all of mine years ago.

I was wrong.

Break free from your strongholds

I didn't recognize my own bondage

God showed me that I needed to pay more attention to my own videos and apply them to my life too.


In this video I’ll explain what God recently showed me about recognizing and dismantling strongholds.

Just click on the video and learn a very easy to use method for detecting and unlocking strongholds.

To live a transformed life you need to be able to recognize and dismantle your own strongholds.

Now I want to hear from you

What strongholds have you dismantled with God’s help?  Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 17

  1. dear dr. mullen,
    I read your book emotionally free about 3 years ago and must say it was truly amazing. My goal is to purchase your full instructional set. Love your work you have been blessed.

  2. Thank-you for your powerful, clear message about strongholds. In a blended family situation and still fairly new to Canada, I believed the lies of the enemy that I wasn’t good enough, and was often overwhelmed with feelings of anger and depression from rebellious teenage behavior. Their mom abandoned them when they were young but since since I’ve been in the picture buys back their attention and “love” to take their focus from me, and has discouraged their relationship with me, though she wants us to look after the kids, protect them and provide for them. I felt justified in my anger towards her and the children for believing her. To this day, they have still rejected me and all I have done for them, but God reminds me that I have no justification to be angry towards them, as they too are trapped in a vicious cycle of believing the lies of the enemy. God has shown me that this is a good opportunity to forgive them EVERYDAY! It is not easy but I have no choice. It is a sink or swim situation. If I choose unforgiveness, I just fall to to the bottom and that has eternal consequences that I don’t want to experience. So I choose forgiveness. It is only then that I can truly pray for them for what they are going through also. I believed that I needed to be better, harder on myself and take more and more responsibility and that I couldn’t trust anyone. Now God is showing me once again that “All things are possible through Christ Jesus”

  3. This is also the key to preventing strongholds from being built. Line your thinking up with God’s word. Repent and forgive quickly before Satan’s lie can take hold. Don’t give it a chance.

  4. Wow ! Your best video ever. I’m saving this JEWEL. It’s such a key teaching. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Mullen. May the Lord bless you and protect you as you teach people how to deal directly with the enemy’s tactics.
    Keep the faith.

  5. I was just discussing this very concept with my husband yesterday – and listened to your blog today!! (So did he!) What a wonderful confirmation from God!

    I have been excited to see a stronghold broken in my life this week. I had an incident happen with a friend that would have sent me into a tail spin last year, but after dealing with many of my strongholds in the way you have indicated, haven’t been at all upset by this present incident. Yet again, Jesus has won this round against Satan in my life.

  6. Grant that is definitely eye opening, and I know that satan, keeps putting fearful thoughts into my mind especially when I have to help my disabled sister, like yesterday, my depression became even worse when I had rejection from a pastor’s wife, but I saw her at a conference a couple of months ago, and was able to approach her. I had asked God to help me to overcome this a number of years ago when I first had this problem and also had to forgive her, though satan tries to pull me down I have read God’s word and remember 2 Timothy 1:7 God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind, or timidity, I also believe that praying for other people builds me up, and to remind satan that I may not be perfect, but I am redeemed by the blood of Jesus and that He loves me, that last bit was put in the word for today, which I was just looking at yesterday.
    We have to continue to say no to satan and Yes to God. Thank you so much Grant, That was excellent, I will see if I can save your message

  7. Hi Grant,

    Excellent teaching as always. I’ve used these principles to help people in the past. I’d love to see you do a follow up video around issues that are childhood in origin and the person can’t remember where any of their negativity came from.

  8. Dr. Mullen,

    As always, this is an awesome message, and I love how you exposed that even those of us who teach about strongholds can fall prey to the enemies lies. I also appreciate how you tied it into our every day life and the results the lies can continue to bring.

    I’m with Ray in wondering if these lies have childhood roots. I’ve found many of the troublesome lies that have been triggers in my adult life seem to have roots in childhood events that seemed insignificiant until the Holy Spirit showed me how they set the ground work for the enemy to build on later.

    I’m recommending it to my deliverance network to show their ministry receivers.

    Blessings and thanks for your wonderful work!

  9. Yes, there’s no doubt that most of our strongholds are rooted in childhood issues, most that we can’t remember. In this video I emphasized the triggers that we could easily spot so they are much easier to deal with and learn from. I’ll think about doing one on childhood roots.

  10. Grant, thank you for sharing such a practical method for breaking these ties that keep bogging us down. Loved it, it is something I can start using today. Gracias!!

  11. After watching your video about breaking strongholds, God reminded me that I’d actually done that process once quite by accident! A minor school incident from first or second grade, involving a classmate, one for which I had been an innocent bystander, had plagued me through my adult life every time I thought of it. Finally, It occurred to me to look at it through the eyes of a parent and asked myself how I would view it if it had happened to my own child. As soon as I realized how unrealistic my thoughts and emotions (satan’s lie) were about it, I had pity on myself, was immediately set free and was never bothered by it again! I may not have forgiven my classmate for getting me into trouble, but if I didn’t I will certainly do it now!

    I thank you for that valuable instruction Grant, and I thank The Lord for bringing this example to my remembrance. I will be sure to follow your direction to ask The Lord to show me more strongholds that I can use this process to overcome!

    Bless you!

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