The most difficult task known to man


We all hate it.

But it’s unavoidable in the natural and spiritual realms.

Why do we have to wait so long to see God’s promises fulfilled?

What do we do while we’re waiting?

Click on the video and be patient.

Now I want to hear from you

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8 comments on “The most difficult task known to man

  1. Gordon Truscott on

    I have been back from working overseas for three and a half years now. For awhile I was content to call myself retired. Then I applied for work and was told that they would hire me – if they had a position available. Recently a call went out in the men’s group I joined in September last year, needing workers. The job was part-time and tailor made for me. I am so happy and have started it already. Please forgive me if I wait … to tell my wife about it.

  2. Shelley McDonald on

    So good! Thx Grant . Your straightforward simple message is so practical and rids me of my hyper spiritual thinking . Just love it.

    I have “waited” not very patiently for my family members to get into real relationship with God. Nearly 20 years . Out of 7 of us there’s only 2 more to go!
    Meanwhile I have learned to “hold a crown above their heads til they grow into them” just like Father does with me. I’m learning His patience (love) and understanding and my relationship with Him has become my priority where before it was my family . Ridding me of idols. Freeing me to really live and love.

    I also have had to learn patience in the process of getting free of food issues and again now no my dependence on Fathers wisdom and grace and see how He has healed emotional roots behind overeating and brought me into a place where I can encourage and help others to the freedom He had for them . I learned in the waiting that He is Father not formula and that is soooo much better !
    Thanks again

  3. Sue Philips on

    We waited 7 years for a baby. Tried on our own & with medical help for 5 years, then waited another 2 years for adoption. But our daughter is now 16 & she was God’s choice for us. She’s so much like me in so many ways, & we have a wonderful relationship with her birth family. It was a long difficult wait, but soooo worth it!

  4. Moses on

    What a HILARIOUS message!!! I want to share something related that “stood out” for me while reading the Bible : God made a promise to Adam,
    “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” (Gen 2:18). God made the animals before Eve. Why? What did perfect, sinless Adam say when Eve was made? “AT LAST” (finally)….. (Gen 2:23). Does that statement sound a little impatient to you? I would conclude that even though Adam lived in perfect fellowship with God, he had to exercise patience by waiting for God to create Eve…..

  5. Helen Gabrielse on

    20 years before married God told me to pray foryou future husband…and to pray for his salvation. I started praying. 4 yrs later God toldexists to now praying that he would grow as a.Christian. When I my now husband he revealed he came to the Lord 2 yrs after I started.praying. He also told me 5 yrs after he came to the Lord he started attending a church where he received Spirit filled teaching and really grew in the Lord. We both waited and waited and waited until the Lord brought us together 15 yrs later.

  6. Cindy Jane on

    Thank you to Shelly McDonald…my sons and I like your comment about “Father, not formula!” Thank you for sharing that (:

    I waited for a lengthy time of God restoring our marriage. I waited initially for the crisis period to be over. That was new and hard. I was out of connection with my sons and husband. Then I lived on my own for six months. Then my husband lived on his own for 18 months. Lots of time, energy, money and humility spent traveling and doing Christian counselling .. very similar to Grant’s counselling…insight plus healing prayers.

    We are experiencing the fruit already. What an amazing journey. I think God’s timing is NOW! for many blessings, restorations, inheritances of his glorious riches, etc. But because we have our relationships in groups, where we all have freedom, then God works on us all to get our submission/alignment with him. They key is for the first submitters to wait until the rest of the group to get aligned… rather than get fussy and impatient and bail out early.

    Grant, your messages are awesome (: Thank you for your ministry to all of us!



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