The power of a blessing

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Spiritual weapons are not complicated

They are not reserved for ministry professionals.

We can all use them with great success.

Blessing and encouragement carry major firepower!

Click on the video and learn how to use these very powerful weapons.

To live a transformed life, you need to bless and encourage people around you.

Now I want to hear from you

How has an encourager made a difference in your life?   Just leave your comments in the box below.

Watch my interview with Steve Backlund, “Are you an encourager?”

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Blessings are packages we send

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Comments 9

  1. Great Vlog. As I was listening I was drawn to James 3:9-10. That chapter talks about the power of the tongue, but in verses 9-10 it talks about how we praise God and curse men with the same tongue.

    The power of our words in other people’s lives and the power of our words in our own lives can steer us in the right direction or wrong direction.

    There will always be naysayers and discouragers around to pull us down, so, let’s be encouragers! You never know how your positive words will change someone’s life today or forever.

  2. I am a retired gentleman (for the most part) and have moved out of a continuous care nursing home where I resided for almost 5 years . For the last 4 years I have stayed in my own apartment. My children have been extremely helpful toward their father.

    I was telling a very close friend about a dream I had in which I was really encouraging this old acquaintance in a number of areas of his life . My friend listened quietly as I described the dream vividly to her and then she said God was talking to you in that dream.

    I asked her what did she mean ? She said that the Lord was telling me that He was not finished with me yet! She said, ” He has a plan for your life and He will reveal it in a short time . Just be patient and open minded .”

    Time went by and as it did , the Lord began to speak to my heart , telling me He wanted me to write an autobiography of my life and my testimony of how I was saved by the Saviour of my soul, Jesus Christ.

    By my dear friend’s encouragement , I have begun the writing of my book and my desire is that it will bring honour and glory to our Heavenly Father.
    Larry Lewis

  3. I believe with God’s direction I am an Encourager I also believe and know that I have to rely upon Him for what ever direction He leads me. Sometimes He wants me to give a word in a very small voice other times I am to warn and it comes off a bit harsh and people take it as being rude when it’s not. But when you look at the life of Jesus when He spoke people looked at Him as being hard with His words..He was not harsh He told the truth and because we live in a world where not many are wanting to be saved can’t except truth so to them it does seem harsh..Many times I have sat in church and heard a word and it would be so strong that I was like Lord must you step on my feet so hard? But not it wasn’t that the messenger was being hard it was truth hitting me and my flesh didn’t want to except it.

  4. my wife and i went to your session in Guelph Ontario. i saw in the spirit your shirt was shining emerald green. it was beautiful. that”s my encouragement to u.

  5. The blessing (the encouragement) has to be heard. As I am deaf, my mother made sure that she poured out much blessing and encouragement to me. I did hear, with her face right in front of me. So…do you think I heard the curses? actually yes I did….the enemy tries very hard to speak into my mind. So everyday I have to choose to listen to the my Lord Gods voice, or Satans voice. It is hard…..but as I captivate every thought and make it obedient to Christ. He blesses and encourages me as I do this. We win!!

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