The unexpected package

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Have you ever received an unexpected package?

Have you ever asked God for something big and been surprised or even offended by his answer?

I know you have so don’t pretend that you get all your prayers answered just the way you requested. Many of your answers come in unexpected packages.

The unexpected package

This is not what I ordered!

In this week’s video I’ll tell you about a Bible character who couldn’t cope with his unexpected package and nearly missed a life changing miracle.

To live a transformed life you need to be able to handle all deliveries.

Just click on the video and start unwrapping.

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Now I want to hear from you.

Have you been disappointed by God’s unexpected package but it later turned out to be the answer you needed? Just leave your answer in the comment section below.

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Grant Mullen

Comments 31

  1. Re: Has God ever left an unexpected package?
    I’m still cautiously avoiding His package, because to me it reads “to be opened later, following further instructions”. I don’t know if it’s what I need, but it sure doesn’t look like what I want.
    My understanding is that He is “in no hurry” and I’m content to wait until He says “okay – now”.

  2. God sent me exactly the package I needed.

    I’ve learned to be not disappointed – because whatever he sends my way, I know is to keep me on course with His path for me.

    Blessings – Karen

    p.s. – Certainly enjoy your emails.

  3. Funny I just woke up after doing a night shift and checked into this message, Somewhere about 2:00 am I was marviling at the night sky and thinking how wonderfull is the Ottawa night sky is and it is a great big package.(Present)that I get to view on a regular basis that not everyone has the chance to experince. I have learned to be content with the small things God has given me and the large things he has given me int the most unusual times.

  4. Hi i really enjoy your emails and things. as far as the package thing I struggle mostly with Christmas. that time of year is full of greed and things. I am always content with what i get in the present. that is a difficault thing in today’s world because the world is so full of greed.

  5. My package came in a very quick emergency sense! it was a blessing to me and the giver! sometimes gods gives us what we need before we even realize what we need!

  6. I missed out on the package so long ago that I don’t think it’s even valid anymore. God has blessed me in so many other ways that His presence is all I need now.

  7. Thanks for the great comments. God speaks to us in so many different ways, always customizing the message to match our unique selves. Ethel, you didn’t miss the package, his presence is the package you are enjoying now and you have clearly opened many packages in the past.
    He is always sending us packages, we just have to recognize the sender.

  8. I agree with this weeks video. How many times I have prayed and asked for something, believed in faith (according to the Word) and God seemed to have ignored me. Then I fell into the trap of not asking for anything or for any help because I thought ‘why bother He won’t answer anyway’.
    My faith fell, I lost my focus and until a situation came along that I just couldn’t handle and then turned to God did I realize His Word is true – He will never leave me nor forsake me and if I didn’t have Him in my life I couldn’t go on.
    Praise God always, His answers are the right answers and He will always be there!

  9. I receive so many surprises from the Lord that I expect them now. They are not always the way I hoped but Like Romans 8;28 says all things turn to good for Gods’ purposes. Praise God.Novena.

  10. My daughter has always wanted to be a mother. However, she was unable to conceive naturally so went through IVF. She and her husband are now expecting their first child – but it looks like the baby has a serious heart defect, only one kidney and potentially even Down’s Syndrome. This has been a very difficult package for all of us … We would appreciate your prayers. Thank you.

  11. One unexpected or possibly ungratefull instance was when I started tithing and God says he will open up the heavens and we can not contain the blessings and I pulled up to the drivethrough at Timmies and someone had blessed me with a free coffee, my first selfish thought was Hey God is that it, the Holy Spirit was quick to remind me to thank God for the blessing my expectations were much greater than a coffee

  12. Dr. Mullen, just yesterday, the LORD gave my husband and I an unexpected package, our motion was denied, I was so hurt and disappointed, long story, however both my husband and I believe HE is GOD and we are not, HE knows what is best for this situation and we are trusting HIM all the way. Your message and what I have read in the WORD, links to the same message, HE IS IN CONTROL, just do what HE has commanded of us to do and the disappointments are for our growth, it’s not what we want, it’s how HE wants it to be for HIS glory not ours.

  13. Thanks Linda. That’s a very difficult unexpected package that has yet to be opened. At this point it’s very difficult to see the blessing inside. That’s why we need to hear from people who faced very difficult packages but later on saw how God worked in the situation.

    Have any of you faced such difficult packages? Would you be willing to share how you got through it? There are lots of people like Linda who need encouragement. I’m sure there are many in our community who would be willing to pray for your situation Linda. I’ll start right now.

  14. As a family (and personally) we experienced the most bewildering contents of an unexpected package. Three years ago on a Thurday night, my husband and I prayed specifically for our son – only to find out the next morning that he had taken his life the previous evening. A package we still struggle with today …

  15. Hello Grant,
    My package are your resources I bought when I met you In Sydney for the series of lectures at the Wycliffe Christian school. I have found that they have been a great blessing and I have given them to several people. I wasn’t sure at the time why I bought so many but now I know. I really value this weekly video message from you,
    Thank you

  16. I received 2 incredible packages in God’s gift of 2 beautiful daughters who God used to bring amazing love into my life. At 32 and 29 I still adore them, their awesome personalities and characters. To my wife and I who grew up in homes with abuse, stress, tension and deep wounding were given such amazing blessings from God in these girls. Out of what God has done in my heart through my daughters, God works through me to bring healing to the wounded and abused. I love to see God touch women in particular as I get on my knees and apologize to them on behalf of men who have abused and mistreated them. Also for the passive fathers who never spoke words of affirmation into their daughters to build them up. Almost every day when my girls were growing up I would tell them I loved them and tell them they were beautiful.

  17. I am an ordinary person who loves to study the bible…I was asked to preach one Sun. when the pastor was busy…I fasted and studied and sought God. He said to teach on offenses. When I was announced as the preacher for that Sun., people were so annoyed that it was difficult to preach…i was the wrong package!!! One visiting lady sought me out after and asked me about a certain situation of offense with her pastor’s wife… the annointing was powerful. She was delivered as we prayed. I realized that the annointing was really great but only one received it in power…a visitor!!

  18. I was looking for my internship (industry placement in proper English 🙂 LOL) from university. I was applying everywhere and getting turned down all the time. Finally, this very small company within walking distance from where I lived accepted me. The pay was not great either. I said – “Well, no other options are there?” Didn’t think that the Lord really answered the prayers. But I absolutely loved my time there and now after graduating, I have been accepted back by the company with a very competitive pay package. I walk to work so no need for car (big saving of money on petrol). Quite a blessing!, but as the video said, it did not look attractive to start of with.

  19. Well, my husband Steve and I were getting ready to retire early. At the end of the summer he was diagnosed with Kidney cancer and it spread to the lungs and the brain. We both were on a roller coaster of appointments and treatments from operations to chemo and radiation therapy 7 months later he died. Before he lost his ability to talk he shared this with me.. My life has been like an amusement park ,what a ride. I asked The Lord Jesus if I could have one more ride and He said no son its time to come home. We cryed but also felt His presence and peace. When people would come up to us and give us remedies God gave us understanding and grace. Steve said Its not how long you live its how you live.. Live your life worthy of the gospel. Jesus never left us. Now Im having problems processing everything that happened. Why would Jesus take away the love of my life.. ? I know cancer took him but God allowed it. Tough questions when God says no. So what is the package and how do I open it? Still Struggling after 3 years.

  20. Thanks Anna Marie for being so honest.
    Some of our readers may have a word for you.
    You’ve already opened the package, Jesus has never left you. You are in a new season of life and he is there to walk you through it. Now it’s a trust experience. I’m sure others may have comments.

  21. I believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues….It has done so much more for me as far as having my prayers answered for things I did not know how to pray about….I just prayed in my gift through through the Holy Spirit. What a transformation. My only heartache was that my husband did not accept this way of praying, and ceased to pray with me, even when I assured him that I would pray the way he was used to me praying ! I longed to have prayer with my husband for a long, long time; and I prayed and prayed for this to happen. 17 years later our son was having great difficulties in his marriage, and one day my husband said to me, “I would like us to have prayer together for B—-and J—-, (our son and his wife). I was elated and didn’t hesitate to say, SURE, I”D LOVE TO………In the midst of having a very troubled heart for our son’s marriage, God delivered the answer to my prayer for my husband and I to pray together ! That answer I must admit can in an unexpected package, but I will say that it is a Blessed one ! Amen

  22. God has blessed my family with so many packages, in all different shapes and sizes… and sometimes not even realizing it until way down the road that it was a blessing… and sometimes that took years to actually surface as the blessing. When I hear about the sickness and death in our world… I think of the blessings on the person that died has now (streets of Gold – who wouldn’t want that and no more pain) – and knowing that if I was robbed of my joy in my life because of their death, how would that person feel if they were still alive. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, but God has come to give us life and life abundantly. How it must pain God knowing that death is not an end of life for those that have expected Jesus in salvation, but how we allow ourselves to be destroyed by it. God turned my 6 year old cousin’s funeral into an opportunity to witness to her parents…. She excepted Jesus into her heart – just a month before she died, unlike her parents beliefs at that time. I know where she is on Jesus’s knee…. Jesus never leaves us nor forsakes us in all things… look for God in all situations He is there, just not for us to always analyze or blame. This also being true to all that sacrifice their lives so we can freely speak and worship God!!! in this Country – Thank you Jesus.

  23. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, they always come at the perfect time seeing as God knows just what I need for today!

    Our story began several years ago when my husband became increasingly sadder and sadder, removing himself from his family and friends. Being diagnosed with depression put a name to the sadness and our family began to cope – both our marriage and family life severly affected. The children and I began to go to church alone and to function without “dad”. This went on for 5 years. I prayed earnestly for God to bring him back to a complete healing with God. Then our “package” arrived and not at all the way I had planned it. My husband ended up in the hospital after a terrible episode which spiraled him to his lowest of lows. After three weeks in the hospital he is home and there is peace and a renewed hope for the future.

  24. Hi Grant – My unexpected packages came in the following ways—and they still do. I want a quick fix, or some nice shining thing, and God wants to work on my character. Hum.

  25. Hello Grant –

    I’ve prayed for God’s will in my life and in whatever form it would take. Through spiritual discipline, God gave me the teaching lesson on how to grow in my faith and trust in Him — and to keep an open mind on what He will want me to work on next for my Jesus-like character development. As a single-mom, God has been co-parenting alongside me, and has been my husband. God’s grace allowed for great healing, restoration and forgiveness from my divorce and I was open to new possibilities of meeting a born-again Christian husband who would pursue me and want to be in a committed Christ-centred marriage — who would honour purity through courtship — who would want to serve Christ along with me in missions trips and in daily life. Well — I truly did say “God, this isn’t what I ordered” when he introduced me to a man whose heritage/identity/nationality/culture is Jewish. This God-fearing man of integrity is intrigued with my walk with Christ and is compelled by what I believe. He has high reverence for Jesus but doesn’t see Jesus as his personal savior or the Messiah. So, I am learning more of how God and Jesus is seen or revealed through his Jewish upbringing, even though he is not an observant Jew. What will God unfold from this? I don’t know. I suspect more packages will follow?

  26. We prayed for healing of my bipolar 2 illness. Yes I envisioned what my Cristian life would be like free of this nightmare. Didn’t happen. Got one fragment of a bible verse ” my grace is sufficient for you”. In my imaturity, I became angry, resentful and rebellious. After 15 years the Lord and I are managing my illness effectively with prayer ministry, fellowship and medication. But not after years of deliberating depresiion which wreaked my marriage, friendships, church life, and career. The Lord is restoring these things and I am now receiving the blessing of growing up and maturing in Christ, being conformed to his likeness. That’s what was in the brown box.

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