There’s a battle for your trust

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Do you find it hard to trust God?

We’ve all struggled with that at times.

It’s probably the biggest battle Christians face.

Your trust is under constant attack.

You need to know how to win that battle.

Click on the video and I’ll tell you how.

Now I want to hear from you

How did you maintain your trust when you were under attack? Share your testimony to encourage others. Just leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. Thank you for your video this morning Dr. Mullen! Yes we are in a battle for or trust & it can be fierce sometimes…you made me think of the verse”if you draw nigh to Him, He will draw nigh to you.” . GOD IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE FOR US FOREVER READY TO HELP US IN OUR INCAPACITIES & FAILINGS. Thanks again for the word!

  2. If using the truth of Scriptures was what Jesus used in His battle against Satan, then that is what I should use. But how can I use Scripture unless I know it and so I memorize large portions of it. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would remind us of all things, but we have to know it first.

    So, one of my best weapons is to have memorized Scripture & to meditate on it day & night. Not only will I recognize Satan’s lies, but I will know without a doubt God’s amazing love for me and so win the battle against fear & lack of trust.

  3. God has me on an incredible journey to restore trust and diminish fear in my life. One of the powerful ways has been through prayer ministry, looking into the baggage where some of the origins of distrust were stored, God revealed himself, his presence in those moments, reframed the pictures I had in my memory, and most importantly revealed his LOVE for me in very tangible ways. When that happened a deep part of me was freed to be transformed. Going to the root of the distrust, which is often stored in our past / baggage, can be a very life-changing catalyst in our relationship with God.

  4. Thanks, Grant, for this important teaching. Usually I think about all the times the Lord showed Himself to me as trustworthy and/or listen to a CD that brings me closer to Him. His love never fails to heal.

  5. Great Video Grant, esp., about Eve!

    I also choose Grace-Truth. May it be so for you/your family!

    P.S. I trust you received my reply a few weeks ago- re: the other helpful youtube ( Below your video, under the heading, absent father. You were talking about your son graduating a few yrs ago!)
    With Blessings,

  6. “But whoever listens to me (Wisdom) will live securely and in confident trust.
    And will be at ease, without fear or dread of evil.” (Proverbs 1:13 / Amplified Bible )

  7. I usually just give up. God is the ruler yet, and some day I’ll be finally free, free, free of all earthly reminders that continue to drag me down.

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