Was my vacation cursed?

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There was smoke coming out of the camper!

Yes smoke… always a bad sign.

And it was my fault.

Then a tire exploded on the highway.

Were we out of God’s will headed to disaster?

Have you ever started out in the direction of what you thought was a God given goal and driven straight into potholes, detours, delays and disappointment?

dThe hole was this big!

The hole was this big!

In this video I’ll tell you what I learned from a very dangerous camping experience.

Just click on the video and get a better understanding of how God leads.

To live a transformed life you must overcome the obstacles to get to your God given goals.

Now I want to hear from you

What detours and potholes have you overcome to get to your God given goals? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 16

  1. My, what an experience! So glad it all worked out for you all in the end, and you did have a lovely vacation. Wonderful that you were able to save a life too on the way home.
    It is so easy to make an error and forget one important thing when you have so many more things to take care of before making such a trip, and especially when you were going so far away from home.
    We are blessed knowing the Lord goes before, no matter what happens on the way!!

  2. Hi Dr. Grant! My setbacks are my family responsibilities. I am an Art Worship painter… and had been doing it for a couple of years. But then, things kept getting in the way…. my pets… (hard to paint and leave things out to dry, etc with cats around and no way to shut them out of the room) My elderly Aunt (93) and Uncle (89)… so much time is taken up with taking care of their needs that I am not able to have the time to just relax and paint! Between trying to clean my house and then going to my Aunts to clean hers… and taking care of my own bills and then hers and his…. do you think maybe I am overwhelmed? 😛 Perhaps God has just changed my path for a little while? I would like to do more but feel it is less possible at this point in my life.

  3. Dr Mullen, Praise God that your situation turned out great and then some.My situation is such that I am being abused and misused in my home.I am a widow and a senior and most of the time alone. I have enemies here from church that I was attending,that are continuing to abuse and misuse me .I desperatly need help. Thank you for your great messages. I am a born again,spirit filled, baptized in the spirit, christian. God Bless you. P G.

  4. Dr. Mullen,
    Obstacles I have tried to overcome.. Well I am not as smart as some,,I have been told I think to much, I am usually racked with pain but worse of all..I ran from God when I need to run to Him..I went to church as a kid..I am not from a Christian home there was no support or additional teaching..I left home at 15 because I just couldn’t take the abuse any more..It went down hill very fast from that moment on..
    My biggest prayer is for my childern and grand children..I am baptized and in the Lamb’s book but my Children are not..Is it God’s will for me to lift my children and grandchildren up to Him.. I lift my husband up in prayer..I pray for my parents and step parents.. I also pray to know God’s will for me..I attend church and I am making friends…But my oldest daughter will disown me if I talk God around her…My husband will not come to Church..This is a large misision.. I need prayer for the Holy Spirit to put the right words in my mouth..I am looking for people who need so I can give.. Is this God’s will for me???

  5. The road I am travelling has been rutted by floods, so as to speak. It is jarring my innards. If Jesus is travelling with me, he’s getting a bumpy ride. I believe he is there.

  6. After my last message found myself dwelling in the rut so got out and took the dog for a walk, said good morning to everyone I met, everyone I met said good morning to me, bought some mineral water, ate some porridge, and made a positive move towards finding a hairdresser. I feel better. And in that time I am hoping that God was working on the big problems for me. What do you reckon?

  7. I feel my whole life I keep running into pot holes. I can see Gods hand in little areas of it which I’m so greatful for. But old pot holes at the moment seem ro be shopwing up. And, I just don’t have any bounce right now. Nothing to get myself out of my pot holes, hopefull soon though.

  8. Dr Mullen,
    Will you answer my question? If not thats ok..I will continue to pray for my family!! God bless you for your work through you He has blessed me!! Thank you for all you do and your humor!!!
    I want to address the pot holes.. I think when you realize that there is a spiritual battle going on for your soul.. you will stop believeing the Satnic lies and start believeing God and His word.. See Psalm 90:1-12…We have the power when we have Christ in us!!

  9. I laughed so hard I cried! You turned lemons into lemonade. I love the duck tape.

    Your asked about our potholes. Well, I just walked into one this summer and shattered and dislocated my right shoulder. Was God in it? He must have allowed it?

    The good thing that came out of this is that my husband was such a trooper. He not only took care of our two grandchildren night and day for the whole summer, but also was a care giver for me. We NEVER missed breakfast, lunch or supper and our house and clothes were always clean and tidy. He kept us on schedule and appointments were always on time. WOW, our marriage has moved into another degree of confidence and security.

    I thought that after 43 years of marriage it was all downhill! This allowed us to re-evaluate and assess where we want to be in 5, 10 years?

    We learned that potholes in our lives are not sinkholes or the bottomless pit. It has just become a bleep on the highway to……?

  10. Thank you Dr. Grant. My husband had a great role model. His dad and mom have been married 72 years. She just passed away at 93 and he passed away at 100 years..eleven months apart.

    They always walked together everyday. He always worked with her in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and even sewing?? He went through WWII and had to care for himself. He also lost his dad when he was a teenager. He lived with us for 5 years and he was a bit controlling but we all would be if we were in our late nineties and afraid of what the future will bring

    He taught us to be FLEXIBLE, still learning. I so enjoy your weekly talks.
    Keep up the good work to both of you. Love Maria.

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