What are you anticipating?

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We all look to the new year with anticipation

But what are you anticipating?

Is it positive or negative?

You need to get a Kingdom perspective of the new year.

It will probably be a shock to you.

Just click on the video and discover God’s perspective on the new year.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God surprised you in years past? Just leave your comments in the box below.

New doors for the New Year

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  1. Dr. Grant,
    Thanks for reminding all of us to just go on BELEIVING in spite of the
    hospital stay, unfulfilled prayers, lack of change etc.If we just anticipate the hope
    that is found in our savior……we have our focus where it should be. There’s a lot
    of distractions nowadays(ISIS,terrorism,natural disasters etc.) Yet were in His
    kingdom……….Thank You LORD!!

  2. Ty Grant for your powerful encouragement/inspiration/vision/refreshment!

    God gave us the down payment for a house, after someone hit us, in a road rage accident (just before insurance rates were capped)! May it be so Joseph’s Prince’s promise for this yr that all those given to us, will come true for ourselves/our families/ministry! The restoration of 2015 one came to pass for us financially! Ty J.C!

    With Blessings,

  3. Thank you for an encouraging message! Always need to be reminded, and remind myself to keep a positive attitude, stay in faith and keep expectations high, because God is a great big God and He never disappoints!! He may not be on our time schedule, but He’s never late!!!


  4. Thanks Dr. Grant for the faith booster and word of encouragement:) Many have been praying and continue to pray for a miracle to see our son healed from epilepsy and it’s effects on his brain. I received a word for him that he wasn’t destined for epilepsy; but his destiny is to be God’s son. Also it’s been confirmed by others the story of the epileptic boy from Mark 9 whose father asked Jesus to help his unbelief and his son was delivered from a deaf and dumb spirit. Our son has no speech and is profoundly hearing impaired; so you have reminded me to continue to look at the situation through God’s promise and not with my natural eyes. Although it’s been 21 years; God is faithful and will be for our son as He was for Abraham; Anna; Simeon; Hannah; Elizabeth and Zachariah; David; Jacob and Rachel; Joseph; etc, etc, etc!!

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