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Your thoughts are a choice

Are you being selective enough?

There are three sources of thoughts.

God, evil and ourselves.

We get to choose whom to listen to.

But how can you determine the source of your thoughts?

And what’s the connection with snorkeling?

Click on the video and learn how to choose your thoughts and how not to snorkel.

To live a transformed life you need to choose who you are going to listen to.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God helped you control your thoughts? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Kathy forgot the first rule of snorkeling

Kathy forgot the first rule of snorkeling

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  1. Just discovered you last week at a missionary Pastor’s home here in NZ and today another counselor loaned me your Emotionally Free book so you are on a World Tour! Love the snorkeling analogy and your website is AWESOME!

  2. Just trying to make sense of it a bit further. If you know about the choice to live victorious and are trying and do not choose God’s thoughts is that sin? If you live in fear without moving out and choosing trust/peace how does God balance the compassion for us with the fear
    along with pushing us to grow and walk out of the fear.

    Hope ou so enjoy this cruise, what an amazing size boat!!!

  3. Timely message…exactly my struggle right now! Just capturing my thoughts and submitting them to God is busy enough….Joyce Meyers teachings are a big help too! I’m gaining ground! Love your website and the help and humor you give 🙂

  4. Yes, I too love your very timely message. Seems that at this time of the year, with winter months and little sunshine, many people are very depressed and moody. Only the Lord in us can help us see through brighter lenses and count our blessings which are far more in number than the things which may not be going so well. Yes, we need to have an attitude of gratitude and Thank God for everything. I look forward to your messages and share them with my friends.
    God bless you and your ministry.

  5. Having been a glass half empty person for over 50 years, I needed this reminder to leave the house each day with the thought in mind that “Jesus and I are going on an adventure today.” I’ve been greatly helped by non judgmentally recognizing my negative thoughts = rather than judging myself with, “Idiot, you blew it again” instead say to Jesus, “This is something You and I can work on together.”

  6. Toni, it’s not a sin when we sometimes lose the struggle to control our thoughts. If you have depression, anxiety or mood swings it will be harder. Our emotional baggage is always trying to steer our thoughts in a negative direction. Even Paul struggled with his thoughts and behavior. So it’s a lifelong journey to learn how to let our spirit subdue our soul. I did a blog on that here https://drgrantmullen.com/2011/04/can-you-thrive-in-a-wilderness/

  7. Dear Dr. Mullen, I’ve been following your devotion every week for over a couple years. This is the first time I leave comment because lately I’m extremely confuse what voice am I hearing. Around this past Easter, after watching your devotion about speaking in authority; my foot pain of six years was miraculously healed. I can do a lot of fitness class without pain that I never dreamed of. And on the way of trying to be an instructor. I’m struggling lately if this is what God has planned for me as my training is challenging now. I can’t tell if it’s devil talking to me and discouraging me or is it really not the right path for me? Or should it be blind faith and try to keep positive and press on for something that’s not really His plan? Do I make sense? I’ve never talk to any counsellor about this. I just don’t want to waste time for not doing God’s plan but yet don’t want to hypnotize myself with positive thinking and believe this is the right path to go. There’s a lot of choice in my life that I always struggle if I’d listen to the right voice and had made the right decision or not. Please help me to think straight. Thank you so much for all the wonderful devotions. I enjoy and look forward in receiving them every week. Bless you!

  8. Dear Doctor,
    This video is one of your finest ! I love your sense of humour and the wit you put into every teaching . As far as my thought life, it seems that I’m being regularly attacked by the devil but I have got to the point of recognizing the ‘evil in my thinking ‘ and tell the enemy that “I belong to God bought and paid for by the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ ! I submit to God, I resist you Satan and you must flee !”
    Grant, it’s not easy being a Christian but the rewards are ‘out of this world!!!’

  9. Larry, that’s fantastic that you can spot the origin of your thoughts and push out the evil ones. That’s the whole purpose of the video. Glad you enjoy the weekly blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi. I am in the process of recovering from a depressive illness. I have found a lot of comfort from your teachings. Thank you. I’m interested to know if you know about Ed Smith’s teaching (theophostic). It is helping me greatly to think more positively. I have been believing a lot of lies about myself which were sewn during times in my life where I was treated badly and neglected. God is showing me the truth in these memories and I realise now with my heart, not just my head, that God loves us unconditionally. I hope this encourages others to look into this ministry as it speeds up your healing and spiritual growth amazingly. Theophostic means God’s light. I prayer that you all learn more of our amazing God’s love and grace, Alison

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