What blocks God’s voice?

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Many factors make it hard to hear God’s voice

There are physical, spiritual and emotional conditions that make God seem silent.

When you realize where the problem is, with God’s help, you can fix it.

Click on the video and tune your ears.

To live a transformed life, you need to get rid of any hindrances to hearing God’s voice.

Now I want to hear from you

How did you get rid of the obstacles to hearing God? Just leave your comments in the box below.

God Speaks

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Part 4: What makes it hard to hear God’s voice?
Part 5: How to recognize God’s voice
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  1. From what you are trying to say to us, is let God enter in your heart and mind and He will do the things we can’t more certainly do, on our own power and our own knowledge of his power and knowledge to receive a transformed lives from Him.

  2. The Bible say those that come to God must believe that He is, that’s the first step to faith and a relationship with Him. Secondly believing what He says to be true. The bible says God is not a man that He should lie. In view of this the more of the bible that you read will help give you a greater understanding and when He says that He loves us, its absolutely true. Satan and the world would have us believe that God is a myth and something that we only imagine but God is more real than this phony world we live in and more alive than all of His creation.

  3. I became a Christian in 1991. On January 3, 1996, I was on STD leave and confused whether to go back to my job at the Bank or go to South Africa to volunteer. That night, in my sleep, I heard three times a voice that told me to go back to the bank. I woke up in the morning and knew that I had heard “Go back to the Bank”. I was so excited about the voice that I stalled about a month before I went back. My job was replaced by someone else and I ended up going to South Africa after all but it was still to my benefit that I went back. The lesson I learnt was to act/obey to the voice right away. Another time was around 2000, and I was in the kitchen, and out came the words from somewhere “who are you”. Again out of the blue and without any expectation. These words helped me understand who I am in God’s eyes. These were the only two times I felt I heard God’s voice. I felt a blanket of Love over me as I went to sleep one time which was very special. Thank you.

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