What do we do with great memories?

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Do you have great memories?

Has God been faithful to you in the past?

Were your prayers answered in unexpected ways?

It’s important to remind yourself of those events.

Click on the video and I’ll tell you why.

To live a transformed life you need to remind yourself of God’s faithfulness.

Now I want to hear from you

How have great memories taken you through difficult times? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. The Lord gave me a memory I will never forget. I was going through a very strained “will” situation with family members who were always a step ahead of me and were deceitful. I was lost and I was living 900 miles from where all the decisions were being made. I had been deeply hurt by the process and did not know who to trust. I was heading to Breakforth Conference in Edmonton AB and I prayed and cried all the way there. I ask the Lord to reveal Himself to me as I was going to the conference to spend time with Him and I wanted to hear from Him. In my first session, the speaker got up and said that He had a word of the Lord for someone and then he listed about 9 things (very specific) that had happened and he said, “Do not go down this road and the blessings of the Lord will fall upon your head.” I was totally blown away. There were two things that I was contemplating doing so I stopped and chose to let the Lord fight my battle for me. Waiting on the Lord is hard but that is what he asks of us – to let Him walk with us and before us and behind us. That is truly a precious memory. I have no doubt that the God of the universe loves me. I lost part of my inheritance, but I have watched the Lord drawn each of my boys into a relationship with Him. Talk about riches.

  2. Hi Doctor,

    I absolutely agree. What a blessing it is to be reminded about all the great things that helped to get me through the wilderness from time to time. One example that really stands out for me is that when I was publically slandered and realized I didn’t have any really good friends that stood by me, God showed me how to be a good friend and therefore maintain godly relationships. What an awesome blessing that was. They are now like a lifeboat that God uses to support me. I have also learned to support them, and therefore see myself and God, in a whole new way. I think salvation is the only blessing that is even greater.

    Thanks again. I hope that you and your family are well. God bless you Doctor.


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  4. Dr. Grant,
    Thank you for this talk on why it is important to remember good memories with the Lord who sustains us through all things . One particular memory I have was when I was down and out and in great pain from countless nocturnal epileptic seizures night after night .
    This one particular night I woke up after having a violent body seizure, but not one that required the ambulance to take me away to the hospital, as was the usual custom when I had these grand mal seizures.
    I was in some pain and I went downstairs to the living room where I wanted to have an open talk with the Lord . I had my bible beside me and I spoke quite frankly to the Lord . I asked Him to stop these seizures night after night and, if He wouldn’t , then He had my permission to kill me now !!
    The Lord spoke to my heart and told me to open my bible and start reading where my eyes fell upon first . I obeyed Him and opened the Word to the book of Isaiah 38.
    I read this : “Hezekiah became mortally ill. And Isaiah the prophet …said to him, “Thus says the Lord,Set your house in order, for you shall die and not live.” ( at this point, tears began running down my cheeks.) ” Then Hezekiah.. prayed to the Lord.. and reminded the Lord that he had always walked before God in truth.” Then the word of the Lord came to Isaiah again and he said to him, ” Thus says the Lord , I have heard your prayers … behold I will add fifteen years to your life …”
    Grant, I received this message from God on May 4, 1992 and 15 years has come and gone but I thank Jesus daily for ” sustaining my life ” again and again. Praise be to His Love and Grace !!!

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  6. Dr. Grant
    I remember when I was first saved that I spent several hours in prayer one night with my eyes closed, praying that God would heal my eye sight. After several hours I opened my eyes expecting to see perfectly. I could not see any better or so I thought. It was from that time on , however, that God gave me the gift of empathy. I could feel for people and just know their hurts or joy and would shed a tear with them or I would sense the moving of the Holy Spirit in a certain situation and begin to cry. At first I felt embarrased by my tears , but then I grew to accept it as a gift from God and a signal to pray.

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