What have you inherited?

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Did you know that you have an emotional inheritance?

How you think and behave is influenced by the actions and experiences of your ancestors.

I know that’s hard to get your head around.

The Bible warns us about generational curses.

Now science has proven that even emotions can be inherited.

Your distant past matters!

Click on the video and I’ll explain how to break free from the past.

Now I want to hear from you

What did Jesus show you about your ancestors? Just leave your comments in the box below.


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Comments 9

  1. Hi Grant,

    God Bless you for bring up about generational inheritance and curses. My generational back ground have generational curses in divorce marriages. Please pray for my family and relatives to break the curse thats upon us for generations. Love you in Gods love and your wife kathern’

    Mary Atagotaaluk

  2. Excellent Grant, Ty for your clarity!
    I heard the thought I think from God when I asked, that our extended has difficulty showing J.C’s GRACE. May it be so that it flows freely throughout our generations and in your family!

    With Blessings,

  3. Much to my surprise, the Lord inserted another element into the life patterns and addiction frame: that being control. In reflection, that totally makes sense in what I witnessed and experienced in my family of origin. Therefore, the components on my radar screen have changed somewhat. Who would have guessed?

  4. A positive emotional inheritance can certainly be the ability and great desire to study, perform, and enjoy outstanding CLASSICAL music, sacred choral and instrumental works eg. varied compositions for organ, solo instruments and the incomparable oratorios of Bach, Handel etc. especially in churches. What a wonderful source of emotional happiness and benefit for the mind and soul!

  5. Thank you Grant. I believe this is true and certainly know this has had an impact on my life. Thanks for you ministry. AGAB.

  6. Thanks Grant for shedding light on the topic.
    Now my son is 27 years old and he does not talk very much to us – same as his dad when he was young didn’t talk very much to his dad. So I can see this coming through generations and don’t know how to break this. Could you please help suggest what I can do in this case. I am his mum.

  7. Great message
    My family suffers from alcoholism. Visited with my father and stepmom, cousins etc. over the holidays and my dad was drinking heavily [they all were, but my dad is the worst]. Now he is quite old so not too destructive. It was interesting being with my family at Thanksgiving as I am the only Christian. Gave me an insight though, that Jesus was with unbelievers at party’s etc. but I find it very difficult; their worldview is very uncomfortable to be engaged with. Thanks for your ministry.

  8. Epigenetics — explains a lot. Do you think whole nationality groups can be seriously affected emotionally by the wars and continually changing borders of their countries of origin?

    I’m thinking, “Yes,” based on my observations of a family line close to me.

    Thank you for this message.

  9. Thank you for your weekly teachings. I learning more about GOD every day. I am number 8 girl in a family of 12 children. 4 passed away in infancy.

    I lived in complete poverty, got married at 17 and was in a controlling relationship. Thank you GOD for our 3 beautiful intelligent children and now 2 beautiful intelligent grandchildren. My father was an abuser with gambling, infidelity and drinking problems plus depression. My mother was depressed. My mother-in-law was depressed and abused by her father. My father–in-law was a liar and womanizer.

    My husband who passed in 2007 is now in heaven. Thank you Jesus.

    The sins of our ancestors has been passed on to our children and grandchildren as well as both our extended families. Our children tell me we did break the cycle, but after listening to you I feel we only broke the surface. Please help me break the generational cycle so my and grandchildren as well as future generations will be able to be free,

    Thank you Jesus for providing Dr. Grant Mullen in my life,

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