What keeps getting in the way of God’s plan for your life?

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We all want to see God’s plan unfold in our lives

But many things can block that plan.

If you know what they are, you can remove them.

Click on the video and remove the biggest block to God’s plans for you.

Now I want to hear from you

What was the most significant step you took to see God’s plan unfold in your life? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Videos about knowing God’s will
Is it hard for you to hear God’s voice?
Are you in God’s plan A or F?
Are you walking with God or just standing around?
Have you agonized over God’s will?
Do you struggle to know God’s will?
God should give us a map

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  1. The most significant step I have taken was to contact a (almost) total stranger…. I emailed Grant and have been speaking via phone (coaching) for about 3 yrs now (where did the time go? ). One of the BEST things I’ve ever done in my life (no, I’m not related to Grant. We’ve never met….only AUDIBLY). Grant and Kathy have touched my life beyond words….and I am FREE to IMPACT OTHERS!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!

  2. I met you when you were in New Zealand, Pukekohe and went to the Hamilton meetings as well, have also bee co ordinating your DVD’s the 16 and had many people go through them successfully! Also follow your e-mails and find them very helpful in Prison Ministry, Thank you so much we will see the results in Heaven.

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