What should you do in a storm?

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Jesus was caught in a storm

The boat was tossing, the waves were crashing and they were taking on water.

It was so fierce the disciples expected to die.

What was Jesus doing while they were bailing for their lives?

Click on the video and learn how to handle a storm.

Now I want to hear from you

What storms has Jesus helped you through? Just leave your testimony in the box below.

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  1. Thank you for that message about Jesus and the storm. My family is living in a storm, and I pray that they can use this example in their lives.

  2. Internal peace released to our external immediate environment was what caught my attention. I will practice this starting now. Nakurmiik Grant for your teachings.

  3. A timely reminder for me Grant! God showed me this perspective some months ago and I haven’t been mindful of it, as of late. However, a few days ago while driving my streetcar (Toronto Transit) a man ran in front of me and was hit. Looking back I realize the peace of God was present, even though I experienced the initial feelings of shock at what happened. I remember,for a split second, wondering why I wasn’t freaking out, considering what just happened. LORD, you are absolutely incredible!!! I love you! Thank you! The man survived and will recover…

  4. When my husband received a death diagnosis the Lord immediately gave us the scripture in Psalm 139 about all the days ordained for us were written in the lambs book of life. It gave instant internal peace that carried us through the lady year of his life on earth. It became an amazing journey that spoke to family and friends alike.

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