What was your father like?

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Do we need fathers?

The role of fathers in our society has become very confused.

So many children don’t have one, so mothers are forced to fill both roles.

Many fathers are physically present in the home but emotionally absent since they are so distracted by other interests.

Is there still a role for fathers or have they become just an optional family accessory?

The good news is that God anticipated this problem and has a solution for all of us.

Discover your true Father!

Discover your true Father!

God wants you to discover and get close to the perfect father you never had!

In this video you’ll learn what God’s original plan for fathers was, how we blew it and how Jesus now wants to fill that gaping hole in our personalities.

Just click on the video and make a life changing discovery.

To live a transformed life you need to get to know the perfect father you never had.

Now I want to hear from you

How has Jesus demonstrated his father heart to you? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 10

  1. Dear Dr. Grant: Happy New Year to you and your wife,

    I must say that today’s video brought back memories of how my father and I got along. Well, the truth be told, my father feared God and as much as he showed us that if we were bad that God would punish us. So we lived in fear of God and I lived in fear of my father. You can well imagine how I must have felt going to church every Sunday feeling like God was going to strike me down with fear of Him and I lived in fear. Yes, my father did me more harm than good even though he compared me and my other siblings (3 girls) were all going to hell because we wore makeup and talked to boys! Now I could go on, but you get the picture. Fast forward and I am now 54, married for 34 years, 2 wonderful children and I can honestly say that I realized that I had to forgive my father if I was going to allow my Heavenly Father in. I struggled alot of the earlier years and two years ago I got the worst health news, but through that experience I got to know my Heavenly Father like never before. Yes, my own father had his demons to deal with and I know how that affected his health, but I myself had to let go of the resentment I had, the bitterness I had towards my own father in order to live a “transformed life”. I could not have come through this had it not been getting on my knees and asking God to forgive me of all the sin in my own life and bitterness I had against my own father. So thank you for bringing this video today because it has truly reminded me that so many struggle with “father” issues but we can get past those hurts once we truly get to know how much our Heavenly Father cares for us and his love is unconditional. God bless you always in your Ministry.

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    WOW–the Father thing. For me, your video couldn’t be more timely. My Father was totally absent even though he lived with us. I want to be close and trusting but it’s very difficult for me to form permanent trusting relationships with men and with our Heavenly Father. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

  3. Grant, I’m so glad you shared this message on fathers. It’s been 20 yrs since I discovered my “father wound” as Gordon Dalbey puts it in his book, “Healing The Masculine Soul”. More importantly I began to understand that my Heavenly Father God knows my wounds and deeply desires to heal them through Jesus Christ. This is what has drawn Jan and I to “Freedom In Christ” and working to see others healed of the “father wound” and other traumas. Thank you for leading out to others via the internet and offering hope and healing. May The Lord richly bless you, your practice/ministry, and those you love in 2012.

  4. As far back as I can remember , I have always loved my dad; he was my hero. I had him up on a pedestal and in my mind he could do no wrong.He and my mom were never married because he was already married, but as a child I would look forward to him coming over to visit my mom and us kids every morning or evenings. It used to be the highlight of my day.On the other hand, as I got older I remember being terrified of him and not wanting to be too close to him or alone with him. A few years ago a lot of memories of abuse started to come up to the surface of my mind and it was the Holy Spirit Himself who began to reveal a lot of my past to me.I have had experienced christian counselors ask me how in the world was I able to figure everthing out so accurately. It wasn’t even me, it was the Lord’s doing because he wanted to heal me of the horrible pain and trauma of my past that has kept me crippled for most of my life. I have forgiven my dad, we speak to each other regularly..my earthly dad was not really all that nice after all, but my Heavenly Dad is awesome..He is all that and more..blessings to all and thank you Dr Grant for this on time video.

  5. My Lord!
    Where to begin!
    My Mom and Dad seemed to love each other, and yet, I counldn’t understand all the abuse ( physical and mental) between them.
    We (5) as children, saw terror every week-end, of course it always involved alcohol. My father would go to the bars, get drunk and pick fights with other men, as well. My mom knew this was a given, so she would try and save him by going to get him out of the bar, which would infuriate him. He would resentfully get in the car. I’d be in the back seat with him, watching him, while he hopelessly kick her over the front seat while she is trying to safely get us home.
    His abuse also spilled over to my younger siblings. I was always the referee between mom and Dad, but, between my father and siblings I was always too late! My only brother turned out to be an alcoholic, repeating all my Fathers behaviors, his children grew up in foster facilities, where they were abused horribly! My baby sister grew up an addict to drugs, she also had a family that she abused physically and mentally, and they too, are victims of my earthly father’s deseased mind.
    I thank God almighty! For he brought me out of that overwhelming and horrible nightmare!
    Please pray for my siblings, their families, my father and my own family! I have tried to share with them the love of the Father, but they are too hurt, too full of their own shame and guilt and don’t know how to let Him in. please, please readers, pray for them!
    God bless you!
    And thank you Dr. grant for sharing on this important topic! There are so many thousands of victims out there.
    I would encourage you sister and bother, if you have been a victim, give up and surrender all your burdens, to Him, our loving Father. You cannot do it on your own! He desires so much to help you and give you rest and free you from these destructive and unseen chains!
    Say to Him…. Lord, forgive me for the way I have lived my life, I’m so sorry (this is repenting) for my sins against you! I surrender my life to you, I’m yours now, save me, in the name of Jesus, (your one and only begotten Son). Help me also to forgive those who hurt me. I will pray for them because no matter what, you love them as much as you love me. The word (bible) says you gave up your precious Son for me because of LOVE. (You are all Love) Thank you, Lord, for healing me of ALL my soul wounds today! Amen.

  6. Wow! Thanks for all these great comments. The father issue is so huge and it affects every part of our life. Thanks for sharing your personal stories. It’s a life changing experience when you meet Jesus for the first time as your true father. I remember the moment well.

  7. This is such a relevant video. I know it will touch everyone who watches this message in a very personal way. I have sent it to my daughter and please pray that she will watch this and let Jesus come back into her heart and know that her heavenly father loves her deeply and can heal all her sorrows. We continue to pray for your ministry and your health. Yours in Christ.

  8. This is big for me. Being a man of course I would not talk about it, because quite frankly, I AM FINE!!!, but yeah, this is big not only for me but in today’s society.

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