What’s holding back your potential?

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Every Christian has a calling on their life

But not all believers will find their calling or reach their potential.

Sad but true.

So why is that?

The answer is in the story of Gideon.

He discovered the keys to working with God which led him to greatness.

Click on the video and I’ll explain.

To live a transformed life, you need to clear out the tolerated altars in your life.

Now I want to hear from you

What altars has God asked you to cut down and what were the results?  Just leave your comments in the box below.

Chosen, by Peggy Kennedy

My good friend Peggy Kennedy has written this great book about the calling of Gideon. It had a profound influence on my life and inspired this blog and a sermon.

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Comments 10

  1. There were a couple of television shows that I had to “cut down”. I was completely addicted to them. Once I realized it, I just stopped watching them altogether, even though the one show went on for several more seasons.

  2. Loved this message..so on time and there is such a strong anointing on this message..the Presence of the Lord could be felt so strongly as you were speaking!! I think I need to ask the Lord to show me what sins am I tolerating, since I have been experiencing a lot of oppression lately, and like you said, idolatry opens up the door for thye enemy to gain legal access into our lives.I know for sure I need to change the way I think since lately most of my thoughts have bben quite negative. Just recently was reading a book called Practicing the Presence of God, and you are so right. It’s His presence in our lives that makes the difference.He made the difference in Gideon’s life when Gideon was cowering in fear with his potential hidden until he trusted in the Lord to help him overcome the enemy..Blessings to all..

  3. Dear Doctor Grant,
    I felt a strong anointing on your message about ” Gideon, the Warrior!! ” As I recall things I have ‘given up ‘ over the years since becoming a born again believer in Jesus, I remember at age 22 , I took all of my rock and roll albums (yes, the vinyl ones) and smashed them into tiny pieces with a hammer and chisel. I replaced them with good Christian artists’ albums and I have never looked back.
    I gave up all “soft and hardcore” drugs that I had previously depended on and, gave up alcohol and ‘chasing women.’
    I stopped profaning the Lord’s good Name and stopped speaking with a foul mouth . In fact, I now abhor hearing any of that kind of language.
    I do watch a lot of TV but primarily biblical,spiritual shows where the Lord is lifted up by the host and guests. I watch sporting events and sometimes those old “black and white” movies where people were decent in their language and morals .

  4. Please tell me what are alters in life Because maybe I have so many But I think the abuse of so many things are holding be back tks

  5. Altars are places where we worship false gods. If we are tolerating sins in our life, it’s like having an altar to a false god. We are allowing Satan a place in our life to harass us as long as we allow the altar to stand or the sin to remain. When we repent and stop the behavior, we cut down the altar like Gideon did.

  6. What can I say: Gideon; the one who cuts and hacks down his father’s altar of baal; if we are to reform our ways to form anew with God’s way of having the God of peace. After Gideon; said why me? The old problem occured, it reminded me of something or someone doesn’t do it, trouble is headed their way! Did you notice when you read your bible that the first thing to happen was Gideon’s father was wrong to put up a stumbling block for Israel to say we worship the midianites type of their god and then when he did it, the Lord gave him a helping hand by the assurrance he needed, then each task was making Gideon bolder and bolder in the Lord’s commands and he had that courage and valour to carry out the Lord’s plan, and after God saw that Gideon was true to his first question, on his mind that was: Should I continue the bad way of living that my father caused, or should I obey, the Lord’s advice of getting the idols out of their country, and if takes a fewest amount of people to help you to do it, the Lord must be right all along, and Israel lived, after that strange battle, for forty years in peace. The enemy learned that it was facing a living God not idols. The book of Judges was in a time, of when anything that was done, in those times, when men went after their own hearts, and their own ways, and it did not please God! John &Claudia Thanks Dr. Mullen for giving me strength and helping us become more faithful to obey God how simple it seems!

  7. Hi Dr Mullen,
    I was practicing idolitory with some extended family members. I didn’t realize that I had them more important than God himself in my life. When I decided to not give them so much attention and put up what I now know to be some healthy limits, I copped it! My transition took about six years! Much prayer, therapy, tears, support from those who understood and reading a few helpful books. It’s been nine years now and I truly feel free. It’s so nice to just be myself and not a carbon copy or clone of somebody else. Thanks for all your encouragement, it’s wonderful.

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