What’s the difference between salvation and transformation?

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God wants us to be saved and transformed

So how do we do that?

Most Christians think that salvation is the end of their journey.

But it’s just the beginning.

The story of Lazarus will help you understand what transformation looks like.

Click on the video and accelerate your transformation journey.

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God wants us to be saved and transformed

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  1. I couldn’t have explained it better myself…
    WOW! I’ve been in God’s kingdom for nearly 30 earthly years and have NEVER heard a more suitable analogy/truth from the death/resurrection of Lazarus as I have today! If you let it, the TRUTH will set you FREE!!!

  2. Interesting and encouraging. However, I seem to have difficulty in getting rid of my baggage . . . . I would certainly like to be set free . . . .

  3. Thank you, Dr. Mullen, for explaining this so well. I, too, like Moses W.’s comment, have never related Transformation to the story of Lazarus. This was extremely helpful. Thank you also for equipping us with how to remove the power of the lies that we believe. Yes, I will give him permission to take off my grave clothes and set me free. What an encouraging video, thanks so much!!!

  4. Post

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