When do we become emotionally mature?

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We all want to be mature

But there are big differences between physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional maturity.

In fact, they all develop independently of each other.

You can’t be spiritually mature if you aren’t emotionally mature.

So how do you know if you are emotionally mature?

Click on the video and assess yourself.

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  1. Thankyou Grant. A reaction to other drivers on the road has been an ongoing issue for many years. I have brought it up many times in prayer ministry, and it has improved. But after a while it’s head keeps popping up. Last night an issue came up about my wife reacting to my driving and my reaction to other drivers. So I prayed that the Lord would show me my issues, and my wife her issues. At 4 a.m. I started remembering accidents starting from a kid, mum driving, dads response, especially judgement of other drivers, accidents I had on my bike because of other drivers etc. So I prayed through them, forgiving others and myself, releasing judgement against others. Then I saw emails and read, and watched your video. You just explained why this issue needed dealing with as I was so emotionally immature with this issue. Now I can continue to work through my issues. Thankyou so much. Ian. Melbourne, Australia.

  2. Thanks Ian for sharing your testimony. Glad you were able to uncover the roots and then pray through them. That’s the key to becoming emotionally mature. Recognize your overreactions, then take them to Jesus. He loves to unload our baggage if we let him!

  3. So love God using your most recent posts to help me clarify what has been missing all along and now I know what to pray for and work toward.

    I have so many saved friends that have not opened up the gift of God to be transformed by His love and presence.

    Saved – Yes. Transformed ? whats that?

    I will be asking for more revelation and chewing on and discussing with Abba in my prayer time this area of our life in Christ as His children and the promise to shape each of us into the image of Christ. The freedom! the gifts! the goodness and Joy!

    The growing peace and connection with Him and others and ourselves!!
    Jesus truly came to restore our souls– to create in us a clean heart and to renew a right Spirit within us– each and every one of us!! What a joy He truly has not left us alone – He is alive and at work in every one of us- We can partner with Him. The redemption continues!!!– truly wonderful– the Joy of transformation!!
    May each us be agents of transformation in Christs Body- may it begin and continue in each of us I pray.

  4. Ohhh…I confess I often do your teachings when things are not great…so it is hard to think I have victory to give testimony to…but the reality is that life for me, my emotions, my thoughts, my responses is very different than before.

    Emptying out my bag has freed me from being so hard on myself and others. It has freed me from deferring to other people’s perspectives. It has freed me to be free, to be me, to enjoy me. It frees me to make mistakes, reflect, be humble, be real, be open, be honest, take breaks, go slow, apologize, be treated poorly and not act hostile in response and not race with negative thoughts.

    God is so merciful and kind. Greater than the people around us when they are sinful, indulgent, and speak as though they are justified.

    Emptying my bag enables me to live well. To give without expectation. To be disappointed without over reacting. To be offended and not upset because i’m offended. To bind me to what God has taught me and is teaching me without being wrongly influenced by dominant people and their interpretations of life events. To let people be transformed by the process God gives kindly to them, to encourage them according how they need to go…and let me be transformed by the kind process God has me on. To trust the Holy Spirit’s direct communion in my heart.

    Thank you Grant for the opportunity to hear a brief teaching anytime I need it, to be reminded of the righteous path, and to process and respond this way. Your ministry is a blessing to me and our family. God bless your efforts to do his will well!

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