Why do I feel so far from God when I’m depressed?

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Depression can wipe you out spiritually

God can seem so far away that you just can’t reach him.
Why is that?
How does this happen?

Where did God go?

Where did God go?

Click on the video and it will all make sense.

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Depression, the path to recovery

Would you like to know more about depression and how mood disorders affect Christians?

Christians are often confused and misinformed about the nature and treatment of mental illnesses. They are also very suspicious of psychiatric treatments, so many are suffering needlessly from correctable conditions.

By using clear and simple explanations along with illustrations, I remove the mystery and stigma surrounding mood disorders in Christians.

When you download the 2 disc set, Depression, the path to recovery, you can watch 10 TV interviews where I explain a Christian understanding of depression and other mental health issues.

You can even watch a 5 minute preview.

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