Why do we love five year olds?

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Do you sometimes feel like a failure?

Have you wondered, “How can God put up with me?”

Do you think he’s getting frustrated with you?

You’re not alone.

Those are major lies that so many of us believe.

Click on the video and discover the truth from five year olds.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you overcome feeling like a failure? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Just be a 5 year old

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Comments 4

  1. Such a perfect topic! I was raised by a mother who used to tell me how hard I was to love sometimes. I believed that to be true.

    A few decades later, Christ gets a hold of me. One evening I’m apologizing to him for being so difficult to love and he said, “no you aren’t”. Naturally, I corrected him and said “yes I am, I know I am. And it’s okay.” Jesus assured me that “I have never been hard to love!” Sometimes by my actions and attitudes I am “hard to enjoy”, but I’ve “never been hard to love!”.

    It totally blew me away and I had to do a major pause to try and grasp that. It takes a while but that is one of the things I try to stress to people now.

    Thanks for your clips!

  2. Dr. Mullen,
    Great timing i was just thinking about how i have tried to earn God’s
    favor when all i have to do is believe and receive. I like the clear and concise
    way you teach subjects. And your delivery has the bedside manner ………….
    i appreciate you soooooo much…….keep the encouragement coming!!!!

  3. Several significant things convict me to understand and accept God love and pleasure of me.

    One was realizing that not every thought in my mind came from myself. Many thoughts came into my mind from the evil one. So than I stopped thinking all my thoughts were truth or accurate or reality. That helped my not accepting all the negative thoughts i had about myself.

    When I’ve doubted, I just asked God to increase my faith in these biblical truths. We can’t just ‘try harder’ to be convicted. We need it bestowed upon us.

    The other key factor in trusting that God thinks I’m worthy is due to God’s attention to the details of my life. As i began having time with God in devotions at the start of my day and as i started to ask him for practical prayer requests through out the day, i started to have my alertness open to how many favorable things happened in my circumstances. There is simply too many favorable scenarios to be coincidental!

    All good things come from God, so I started to thank him for things even very basic normal things like my shelter and water and food and people in my life. I started to recognize God’s provision and protection in ways I hadn’t considered previously.

    I still want alot of reassurances and affirmations from people, but i am slowly living more and more off of God’s love for me and finding it satisfying. God intends us to encourage each other so it is ok to need encouragement. I think it is important to trust God’s word and seek him to give us increased faith and understanding to trust his word more than lean on human interactions.

    Thank you Father for your great love for me and for all mankind!

    May God’s love be evident to you today in such frequent ways that you are convinced that you are worthy! In Jesus’ name amen!

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