Would you like to have more fruits?

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The fruits of the Spirit are amazing!

God wants us to grow, enjoy and share them.

But we all carry a significant inhibitor to those fruits.

It’s time we removed it.

Click on the video and Kathy will show you the way to greater fruitfulness.

Now I want to hear from you

How are you allowing the fruits of the spirit to grow? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. Years ago, 2001, I was on a 21 day fast in order to find out what God wanted me to do concerning what seemed like an insurmountable situation I felt stuck in. About day 18, I woke up in the middle of the night with the words, “Fit, Fine. and Full of Fruit” … and that was it! I meditated on that and realized that God wasn’t telling me what to DO, but what to BE.
    The Fit was concerning my health and staying healthy to maintain energy for what he wants me to DO.
    The Fine was a rebuke to pay more attention to details, not to cut corners, and to finish what I started DOING…
    The Full of Fruit was to yield to and operate more in the fruit of the spirit… love, joy, peace, patience, self control… goodness, kindness…again there is DOING in all of those as they are allowed to manifest in my life… and what a difference it made! My focus changed from making a decision about this situation to looking at what I was BEING!

    I remember the day when I was standing in a long check out line and you could feel the tension rising and hear people complaining. I felt the frustration rising in me too, but I heard myself saying as I smiled, “It’s OK I’m a patient person.” The complaining stopped because I guess no one wanted to admit that they weren’t a ‘patient person’.

    And when I got to the clerk, who was very flustered and upset, I said, “It’s OK. Take your time. I’m a patient person.” She got tears in her eyes and said, “Thank you! It’s my first day at this till and I’m not used to it yet.”
    Not only did my tension fall away, but so did all the tension.

    Now I do this as a habit! Even in bad traffic… I just yield to the fruit of patience and make that declaration about myself! With that confession, it seems to come true really fast… but I also believe that it drives the devil away and closes a door to me becoming mad and upset and making negative declarations! Ruining my day!

    God is good. Thank you for your ministry and faithfulness… and for your transparency!

    Love ‘n Prayers, Linda

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