Would you like to see a picture of God’s love?

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God speaks to us through creation

This week God spoke to Kathy on our holidays.

She saw a picture of God’s love.

Click on the video and join her on the beach.

Now I want to hear from you

How does God speak to you through nature? Just leave your comments in the box below


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Comments 9

  1. This actually brings up a bit of envy for me (LOL) …… How lovely for you two!

    Love the headline of this devotion. I have always said “God speaks to us through creation” and love the analogy with the waves. This year we are not heading back to the beach (Australia) to renew and relax, but looking forward to visits to the majestic mountains in the glorious Rockies for some rejuvenating time and hopefully hear God speak in similar ways.

    God bless your ministry.

    Helen & Paul Schirok

    1. Wayne, I know this may sound overly simplistic but have you asked God to show you his love? He will answer your prayer! But our part is to ‘ shut up ‘ , listen and take the time to soak in his presence.
      He longs to show us his love- he has said it and shown it over and over in the Bible, and he wants to do the same now.
      I asked God to show me and took the time to wait, and it was …. (So many words that describe what happened and yet no words good enough to describe) Life changing ! When he showed me how he sings over me and longs to just sit with me, and …. And…, etc. It was mind blowing!
      Get rid of any ‘religious’ thinking and just talk to our heavenly ‘Daddy’. Unlike any earthly fathers, he will NEVER let us down.
      I am not sure what past history you have with relationships of any earthly or God kind, but keep it simple and let God happen his way!

  2. God speaks Peace to me through being out in the country and walking When I am stuck in the house , I feel cooped up and lonely but when I am out in the country I feel peaceful and content too bad we have 6 months of winter here

  3. I too feel His powerful presence by the ocean and my mind moves toward reflection and creativity! I also hear Him in the trees and smells of the forest when I walk my dogs and am keenly aware that the “forest takes care of itself”…. rejuvenating and trees whispering to one another and to me in the rustling of the leaves

  4. Ty Kathy!
    It is more answered prayer God gave me the thought.
    Feeling absorbed-consumed is a real issue, for me when our culture has been taught that kids will be spoiled if you show them too much love. Children of divorce are often 80:/ IN., our marriages. GOD SAID I AM 95:/. May it be so we/our families/friends/your participants experience at least 99:/ of HIS LOVE AND THAT OF OUR SPOUSES!
    Ref-Lisa Bevere
    With Love,

  5. What a beautiful analogy of waves washing towards us with God’s love. Do we want to sit and watch, or do we want to submerge?
    Be still and know that I am God.

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