You can be free from pornography!

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Are you leading a double life?

Are you struggling with habits you can’t break?

Are you trying very hard to quit… but you can’t?

Do you feel that God’s disgusted with you and has stopped listening?

Today there’s good news for you.

God loves addicts!

And he can’t wait to help you.

Click on the video and hear a powerful testimony of freedom from pornography addiction.

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  1. I did have a double life which shredded my self-worth to the point where I couldn’t hide any longer and opened up about my addiction to pornography to my close friend who accepted me unconditionally. The blood of Jesus wiped me clean inside out and a new outlook & future of my life became very attracting and in reach for me to move forward to live free. The bondage was broken by first admitting I was bound to…

  2. I encourage those who are too ashamed to admit their own guilt to the scourge pornography on their daily lives. I do understand and know for a fact that any addiction is no different from other bondages that made bind them to lead a peace of mind on them. The Lord is so in love with us that we need not hide any longer as He also said that,” any secret thing done will be shouted on the roof tops”…it is true that what the prverbs reminds us that, “iron sharpens iron”…please approach your thinking process as “in child-like faith” will forever be grateful to take the risk to a new freedom you forgot how it is freeing to our lives.

  3. I think it can be hard to comprehend our addictive problems because of confusion and conflicting thoughts. We have good in our character and good in our activities that I found it unclear to myself if i truly had a problem or not. So i really appreciate the challenge that Dennis shared in the video that he received. Have you tried stopping but didn’t despite negative consequences? Try not to over analyze your circumstances. Shame builds fear that our confession will stamp us with an all-encompassing label of unhealth and yuck. But just the opposite is true. Jesus’ way is to be open about the darkness inside, to depend on him for healing and to rest while we receive courage and strength and ability to do different. I still get amazed when I am so capable to do the right choice these days. I do the right choice when I am humble, honest and pray about the insights I get when I seek God and when I am in worship. I pray you all will find healing too. God is merciful. It was a journey for me of many failings and slip-ups, but I’ve gotten to know God, his grace, his way so much over the last few years. God is always good!

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