You can be hopeful and optimistic

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Humans tend to think negatively

It’s a well ingrained habit that started long ago.

Being positive and hopeful is just too much work.

It’s easier to stay negative.

Why are we like that?

How can we change?

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Now I want to hear from you

How were you able to change from being negative to positive? Just leave your testimony in the box below.

Why do we think negatively?

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  1. I attended your sessions at BreakForth last January in Edmonton…One was about hearing God’s voice. Today I was very discouraged about an offense that occurred between my son & one of our pastors at church. I was listening to Satan’s lies! I wanted to lash out or at least have someone hear my complaint. However just at that time my husband a texted me & asked how i was doing so I told him my struggle in a text. I put my phone in my pocket & the phone (or God?) entered the words “Kindly do” as another text to my husband. I don’t know how this could have happened, but it was a timely message & I heard it deep in my heart. I was able to snap out of my negative feeling & remember that I indeed need to “kindly do”/show love & forgiveness & keep praying for my son & the pastor. I can be sure that the devil doesn’t like the good things that are happening in our young adults group & he is trying to derail it. But Jesus has won the victory…Changing moments of discouragement to wonder & hope.

  2. was getting late to important first meeting with snow and weather and traffic in being one of the culprits slowing me down. finally i realized …..i was not going to even make the meeting so i turned on the radio and played praise songs…..
    focusing on Jesus instead of our circumstance can bring on the positive. Thanks Dr. and Mrs. Mullen for all you do…..the kingdom needs it!

  3. My negativity has been a key item that God has called attention to in my life recently.

    I decided that to end/reduce the negativity in my life, i need to not let my journal have “open-all” freedom.

    I’ve been convinced that we need to think of what is lovely, praiseworthy, excellent, pure, noble, right, etc, as it says in Philippians for a while now. I’ve been praying for it.

    I’ve noticed how i can entertain negative thoughts ‘without it being an issue’ when i am on my own. I am not worried or anxious about the negative thoughts much because it doesn’t feel overwhelming or dangerous. I feel rather innocent in a diplomatic, reasonable way about these negative thoughts, especially since i have positive thoughts too. But I’ve noticed that my responses to my husband can be rude, terse, disdainful, etc in my next interaction with him. I believe there is a connection. In the visible earthly realm there is no connection between my negative thought content and my husband and my conversation content. But spiritually, I’ve put myself in a weak position for living. I’ve depleted the good. It i stopped living with my “new man” in dominance and started living out of my “old man.” It is interesting. The pattern is very clear to me. It’s repetitive.

    Negativity is a downhill slope, not an upward one. We stopped doing Kingdom living when we became negative

    So i restarted a new journal book with this intent, prayerfully, and I noticed the difference right away. I have a much better freedom now, the real type of freedom. Now, i am more comfortable with my invisible God doing ‘mysterious’ things in my life like never before (rather than feeling secure by establishing an understanding of why). I am getting more comfortable not thinking everything through. I don;t need validation on what others did wrong to me or what i did right. God knows. I just need to declare what is right, good and perfect, and holy so that the attitude, interactions, atmosphere and thoughts can change immediately in the spiritual realm. Of course i need to confess my sins. I do so throughout the day as routine. I need to hear God’s correction still. But the bent of my thinking has totally differed.

    It is a delight. It is curious. It is clear. I am grateful!

    Hallelujah! Amen! Thank you Father God! You truly are who you say you are. And you truly equip us to be who you say you want us to be.

    Dr Mullen, your ministry is wonderful! Thank you to both you and your wife! You are flowing with the Life that God has for us and we gladly receive your gifts of teaching and encouragement and opportunities to be healed (: Have a great new year start! (:

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