You can be like Jesus!

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Do you want to be like Jesus?

He did a lot of amazing things.

He said we would do what he did.

And even greater things.

So how is that even possible?

Click on the video and find out.

Now I want to hear from you

Have you seen something amazing when you stepped out in faith? Just leave your testimony in the box below.


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  1. A couple of weeks ago a clerk in a store asked me to pray for her family, because her husband hadn’t been able to find work for months. I did pray, and a few days later I heard that her husband had got a job. That encourages me to pray for other concerns as well.

  2. God is generous and kind all the time. I’ve stepped out in faith alot at conferences, in churches and in small groups of prayer. Obeying the speaker/leader despite my lack of experience or comfort feelings of what was being lead.

    This includes making declarations of things i hope for that havn’t happened yet. God welcomes us to petition him. I have so many awesome circumstances in my life. All good and perfect things come from God. I believe the yummy circumstances that I have are a result of those trusting declarations and prayers.

    Ive also prayed for people who’ve hurt me and I’ve asked for forgiveness for how I’ve responded or how I hurt people … now, but also way long ago in my history. I’ve grown in understanding of God and in my character so much since I’ve sought God’s healing for my emotional unhealth.

    I’ve prayed for women friends who have marriage problems that are severe. I pray for specific things that match Gods will… like people to be more humble, to have softened hearts, to get new revelation or insight, to be willing to work, to stop thinking suicidal, to emotionally connect with their kids, to pray more, to read the Bible more, to have a meaningful connecting time with their spouse. All these things happen. I don’t keep records, but again and again I experience God making things happen in their lives. Sometimes it takes a few or several days because people have free will and God has to do a few angles on a person to set them up for compliance since they are so hurt, stubborn or in sin habits. But these are prayers that match Jesus. And if we pray in Jesus name…(if we are one with Jesus; in sync with Jesus) then these prayers will be granted.

    So I completely agree with Grant Mullen. I am so thankful for his ministry and testimony. I also pray that you observe and see the fruit of your prayers that are done in trust and hope and faith!

  3. My husband is sitting with me right now.

    He shares too:
    He’s prayed for healing in our family with our kids and extended family. And the health was restored / came to pass.

    He’s prayed for healing in his arm and in his shoulder and they were healed.

    He’s also prayed for stuff in relationship, like having a changed mind. And that also comes to pass.


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