You can change!

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Most of us hate change

We get stuck in ruts.

Then we feel comfortable there.

It just isn’t worth all the bother to change.

God wants us to grow and…… change.

So how do we do that?

Click on the video and join my interview with Cheryl Shea from Edmonton Counselling Services. She’s the author of Soul Surgeon which you can learn about here.

To live a transformed life you need to be willing to change, with God’s help.

Now I want to hear from you.

How has God been changing you? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Soul Surgeon by Cheryl Shea

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  1. Hi Grant:

    Thank you for your blog with Cheryl Shea. I had an addiction to internet pornography and as it was said a conselor (my Pastor) certainly helped the process to resolve more quickly. God placed him in my path and together we worked through a 12 step program and he was my accountablility partner. I now have a group (though small) of my own and we practice the 12 step program together to keep us all accountable. God’s ways are always better than trying to do these things on our own.

  2. What a great video, enjoyed listening to Cheryl; she is so transparent and real.It’s so hard when you’ve been wounded most of your life to realise you have wounded others as well because of what you went through.Sometimes I find myself internalising my pain and taking out my frustrations on others for things that my parents may have said or done to me.It’s only with the help of the Holy Spirit and through christian counseling I have been able to see that even though I was abused, I am still responsible for how I treat people, and if I’m not careful, I can end up causing hurt and pain to others also.I’ve had to repent and receive God’s forgivenesss for all the times I’ve messed up.I guess I got so used to seeing myself as a victim, and so bound up in my own pain, that I didnt realise I had the power to hurt others as well. I was just reacting from the pain of my past, but I’m realising that is not an excuse to treat others badly.I desperately want to change and I’m working towards the goal of being emotionally healthier this year .I thank God for all the layers He has peeled off already, and thanks Dr Grant for being so real and transparent..Blessings to you and yours..Glory.

  3. The last years God has been leading me through some major changes in attitude. There were so many things from my childhood that had offended me or hurt me that I was allowing to affect the way I still treated people.. As I dealt with these by going back to the situation and forgiving the person who had done the wrong to me God started bringing incidences to my mind of where I had also hurt other people but felt at that time that I was justified because I had been hurt so I wasn’t going to put myself in a position where I could again be hurt. Other incidences where I just plain struck out for no reason at all. I could chop anyone off at the knees just using my voice. Now that God has been having me deal with these things I am slowly starting to think that if I could just go back to being 13-15 years old again and still know what I know now I would live my life very differently and perhaps make a lot fewer enemies and hurt people in my wake. However since that is not possible I am so thankful for God’s rich forgivness so freely given, won for me on the cross, that allows me to go on from here a clean and free person. Also as God brings to my mind the ones that I may possibly have hurt my Prayer List just keeps growing and growing.

  4. Doctor Grant,
    I want to thank you for your interview with Cheryl Shea, a counsellor who helps people in the process of change.
    For myself, I had a major change that the Lord helped me get through . Before I knew Jesus Christ
    , I had a short fuse and a sarcastic tongue . I was witty and could cut a person in half emotionally with little effort. I DO NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHY I SEEMED TO ENJOY THIS SINFUL PRACTICE BUT IT WAS WELL EMBEDDED IN ME !
    When I met Jesus in a dramatic way , I noticed my foul tongue was behaving properly because I prayed that the Lord would take away that particular evil inside of me . I am happy to say that He not only removed that from me but He also gave me a ” new heart.” filled with an inner peace and a new love for all people . Many people say that I’m a good encourager because I do like to speak life to people , not death .Praise be to the Lord of all Life !!!

  5. Great to hear the postive accounts of change in so many people’s lives. Often people ask me if I find it depressing doing what I do, hearing some many difficult accounts from people. I always answer – No–its encouraging because I see so many people change.

  6. One thing I know about God from my experience: He will never change, due to the fact that God is God and it is us that must change not God! I believe we all try to conform to what others may recommend but is it right thing to do in God’s way. Yes; We as individuals all must become transformed for our own healthy thinking but like us, we also need others in our life to help us to help ease our ways but I find that some of us need extra help to guide us to find a way out to transform better. I thank-you Dr. Mullen for letting in on other resources at our disposal to be better off with our relationship with God. I find with our transformation we need to let someone to tell us from now and then that we are on the right track, and the way we were can be changed to the better, because I find we could not make the progress we need, in time we could find ourselves in crisis and we would need proper counselling to help us. That is well worth knowing that they are there if we get stuck on something hard to understand and need assistance with the qualified people will guide us on the right path. Thanks again. John

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