You can grow in a crisis

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No one likes a crisis

We like life to be predictable, pleasant and painless.

But that’s a recipe for stagnation, weakness and immaturity.

God wants his children to grow and mature.

So he allows events to take place where we can strengthen our spiritual muscles.

These events are not always pleasant or painless.

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No one likes a crisis

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  1. Years ago I went through a very dark time and ended up in a women’s shelter for about a year. I prayed for a financial miracle & God answered my prayer & helped me buy a lovely mobile home, where I’ve been residing for the past 9 years. But recently I found out the owners are selling the mobile park and refuse to give us market value for our homes, instead they will only give us one year’s pad rent, which is only $4,800 vs market value which is $79,000..I will lose everything and be forced to default on my mortgage because I cannot afford to pay the mortgage and the rent on a new place to live, which will be difficult to find because I have very low income. Plus my credit rating will be totally ruined and I will not be able to get another loan to buy a new home. I struggle to survive on a small Disability pension, so money is super tight & I’m afraid all the time.
    PLEASE PRAY for financial miracle for me…several years ago a church guest from out of town prayed over me & prophecied that the “Lord would restore what the locust has eaten and profit me 10,000 fold”, I am still waiting for that prophecy to come to pass. (I had invested a large sum of money with a Christian advisor, but he forged my signature & stole $317,000 from my account) some Christian huh? ! After that I became very sick & had to quit work & collect a Disability pension…I WANT TO LIVE AGAIN…I WANT TO BE ALIVE AGAIN & BE HEALED, BE FINANCIALLY INDEPENDANT AGAIN….I AM TIRED OF FEELING DEFEATED, FEARFUL, DEPRESSED AND SUICIDAL!!

  2. Thank you Dr. Grant Mullen, for your inciteful video. Even your voice has a calming influence on me.

    I have struggled with Depression for a long time now. And yet I am feeling much better, because I have strong faith in God. And with good folk like yourself encouraging me, I am finding myself in a much lighter and happier state of being.

    Thank you for being here for us. I love and appreciate you.

    Juliana Truesdell

  3. What you’ve described Grant has happened powerfully in our marriage two or three key times (today is our 31st anniversary!). Most recently over the last 3-4 years, we’ve gone through the deaths of three of our parents, which at times has been a very emotional roller coaster. It took its toll on both of our emotional health and I had two times where I hit a wall and lost my strength on every level, the first time feeling very physically weak and ill. Once I got through the fear of what was happening to me, with the help of my doctor, eventually a Christian psychologist, prayer ministry, and key people (some of them authors) who spoke words of life into both my heart and my husband’s, we began to experience the rich refining and growth you speak of. It’s been very painful in so many ways: grief, physical pain, emotional numbness and withdrawal… but God has been SO faithful to provide the help we’ve needed. And you’re absolutely right: there is no other way to learn certain things and be transformed without going through trials and loss which God allows and uses for our good. I encourage others along with you to turn to our Father and reach out for help! There is so much help available and we are so not alone! You, through your newsletter videos, and your book, have been one of the ways God has helped us grow stronger. Thank you and bless you!! Maybe we’ll see you in Edmonton in the fall.

  4. God is most certainly with us in the dark times. I struggle with depression, and through the hardship God has shown me things, mainly how to trust Him more. The most important thing to remember, just as Grant said, is that Jesus is right there with us in the trial.

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