You can stop beating yourself up now

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Why do we beat ourselves up?

Why do we verbally abuse ourselves so often?

It’s because of our low self esteem.

That problem is epidemic.

We all seem to be ashamed of ourselves in some area.

So why is it so common?

What can we do about it?

Click on the video and I’ll explain why you can stop beating yourself up today.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you been able to combat the lies trying to destroy your self esteem? Share your testimony to encourage others. Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 2

  1. Wow, what excellent timing for me to hear this message. I am surprised how low I’ve let myself come to think and feel. We really do need to be alert watchmen and diligent about submitting our all to the LORD. Thank you for your kind ministry Dr. Grant!

    I basically, asked God as you directed us to in the video. I confess I heard familiar messages. “People don’t really care about me” and “People don’t really want to hear what I have to say” were the lies I still have operating in me. I also heard that I’m hyper sensitive to hearing anything that can reinforce these ideas. That was new and humbling…but I can see how it is true because I think more of those perceived reinforcements rather than the amazing words, time, energy, resources, service, and gifts that loved ones give to me.

    The truth messages I heard are “N does care. T does care. R does care. D does care. These are friends of mine. Then I thought of the Christian brothers and sisters that I have that are difficult to be in relationship with or who are distant from me. I heard “D, M, R do care.” And then I heard and C cares alot! Which is my husband. That made me giggle. We’ve been on such a huge marriage road, and he’s been becoming such a great man, full of effort and humility. I have to confess that is true now!

    Then a few other thoughts came to mind. “God cares for me more than the birds.” We live on an acreage where the bird songs are heard steadily and wonderfully. I really appreciate being up early in the morning to their company. It is reassuring what God says about caring more for us humans than the birds.

    Another thought was “God provides all my needs.” Which I’ve learned and continue to experience all the time in big, small and medium ways.

    Another thought was “I am worthy to be in the Kingdom of God.” Amen! Thank you LORD!

    “I am Holy. Cindy is Holy. Cindy is set apart…” Wow!!

    Then I had a thought of “I need to be busy doing. I need to be doing. Otherwise people won’t want me.” I know my mother declares this regularly for herself. The truth statement that soon followed was “Your really good at teaching, learning, fun activities.” “That’s what I should be doing!”

    Hmmm…how interesting. There are so many things to be involved in. I am keen about my healing journey. I’ve engaged helping others…but it has NOT been anointed several times. I want to hone in on what God’s direction is for me, and I’ve been a difficult listener. I entertain so many desires and get confused and overwhelmed. Patience and not-waiting are still being developed in me. So I will cheerfully accept this word for me today.

    Thank you Father in Heaven! You are good all the time! We love you and praise you! All true healing, words of Life, and joy comes from you. Bless Grant and his wife and his family today. Bless his ministry. Anoint him with your Holy Spirit in the words of his lips and the words of his hands today. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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