You can stop envying rich people

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Do you envy rich people?

You can stop now.

They have lots of baggage too.

They actually envy people like you.

Click on the video and learn why.


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Comments 13

  1. I strongly disagree with your view of billionaires. We don’t need to find fault with them as you do because they have baggage…or whatever you feel you can find fault with them.. It’s only an excuse since you don’t have the billions. Rich people provide employment for a lot of the world. You nor I could do that. Rich people provide opportunities for many that neither you nor I could do.
    I believe that you have to reconsider a statement like that. You have to teach people to not be jealous of the those that have more not find fault with them.
    Your response and your re-statement I look forward to.

  2. Sorry, but just laughing at your spoofing. And yes Helen does have some points, good ones, but I am laughing at your humor. Hope you had a great time there or if you are still there, that you get to go on a boat ride in one of the yachts, and enjoy the food. Anyone can need healing.

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  4. I just had to laugh at the title of your video to-day. Yesterday I received a quote for a new roof on my home and I have only about half of it in savings. On the day I knew I would have to do something about the roof God showed me a verse that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills as I stood looking at a calendar that has a bible verse for each day. Later when checking for that verse again it is not on the calendar but I know it was that day. Well, it is going to be interesting to see how God gets me through this…maybe you could ask one of those billionaires for the loose cash he has lying around to help me!!! Love your videos.

  5. All about image they say. You and your Porsche and your yacht with room for 30 guests. Oh not forgetting the housekeepers the crew the cabin staff
    So many people to boss around—
    Your boat could never fit/ go through the
    Rideau lock system.
    How boring/useless is that _

  6.  Dear Grant
    > Thank you for making my day with this video of the wealth in Monaco.  You were simply hilarious!
    > You really handled yourself very well around all that wealth!!
    > This could be on Sat Night live. Very, very funny!!!

    Dear Helen it was delivered as levity not slander or judgement. Its really nice to laugh!!!! Sure made me laugh! Lighten up life’s way too short.

    Keep up the good work Dr Grant!

  7. I can only dream of being that wealthy one day. I know what I’d do with the money if I had it. I’d use it to finance the Kingdom of God. To help the widows, orphans and the poor, and to spread the Gospel, the good news ,everywhere there are people who are lost. I personally know millionaires who are miserable because they don’t have Christ in their life. I heard Rev Billy Graham say one time that the richest person without Christ is poor, but the poorest person with Christ is rich. That is so true. Money is NOT evil, but the love of money is the root of all evil. Love your sense of humor Dr. Grant, thanks for the video. God bless.

  8. I thought that was very funny, and you made some excellent points. Recently, I spent some time in the Tobermory, Ontario area and I also saw some attractive yachts. While I enjoyed looking at them I was content to pay some money and ride on a small tour boat. We are very blessed in Canada to have many lakes, beaches, trails, waterfalls, forests and parks that we can enjoy with little money.

    It’s true that the rich likely have baggage too and are not to be envied. I’ve heard that they have little time to enjoy their possessions, mansions and life because they’re too busy working and trying to stay on top. With riches comes great power, influence and responsibility. It’s true that the rich create jobs and opportunities. Some are reasonably fair while others are harsh taskmasters. I think one of the greatest problems with becoming rich is that a person often loses their ability to relate to the common man. That is one reason why Jesus, Moses, and St. Francis of Assisi (a Catholic Saint that the new pope chose to be named after) all chose to give up their riches: to be able to relate to the common man.

  9. I’m not jealous of the billionaires either, but am a little envious of the poor guy who has enough money to hang out in the playgrounds of the rich! Hope you enjoyed your time 🙂

  10. Grant, very cute!!!! I’m feeling better already!

    What was the occasion that caused you to surface in such a desperate set of circumstances—I also wonder what kind of pill you took to put you in such a state of denial. Clearly a masterful extemporaneous presentation of compassion for the victims of the dreadful Monaco life experience.

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  12. Thank you for taking the time to read this

    I can see the humour in the video Grant well done

    But i can also see the point behind why we do need to envy people with a high currency account is well.
    They live everyday ordinary lives like human beings just with different situations.
    The comments are very unique and the diversity of the answers are some what of an interest to me,

    Although it is very flattering being surrounded by all of the glitz and glamour of such wonderful finer things in life (and there is nothing wrong with that) we very much need to also learn to turn to the creator instead of the created.

    Emotion is the driving force behind most decessions we make in our lives,
    Anger is one of the strongest emotions and have it being said, if controlled correctly in a formal manner can be very rewarding in such a way that i.e ‘If that guy that got picked last’ could may have well and truly used that as a means of becoming wealthy.Not saying that it was everyones way but just one of many ways.

    On that note i would like to leave you with a quote that he himself told his believers
    Lord Jesus Christ
    ‘ it is much harder for a rich person to enter the kingdom of god then it is for a camel to go through an eye of a needle.’

    ‘love neigbhour as you love yourself so that your father in heaven can forgive you’

    In the love of our heavenly father.

  13. * But i can also see the point behind why we don’t need to envy people with a high currency account is well.

    Sorry my mistake

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