You can win the battle with fear

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We all struggle with fear, worry and anxiety

It’s a recurring battle we all must learn to win.

It’s part of the process of “taking every thought captive.”

This week I want to give you another weapon so you can win the battle with fear.

Click on the video and start using it.

Now I want to hear from you

What happened when you prayed with me? Just leave your comments in the box below


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  1. I was being gripped by fear as news of terrorists and the whole community of muslims’ agenda taking over; refugees mixed with terrorists coming to Canada with the welcome mat laid out.
    The truth that brought me peace was Psalm 91:1-2; Matthew Henry’s Commentary on those verses and praying through as you suggested. Many thanks; fear makes you feel like you’re going insane. Fear was making me angry, bitter, hate-filled, desires for revenge, and so on.

  2. Thank you for this. I took it as part of God’s healing for me and went through the process in the video. I have had a fear that God will punish me harshly by giving me some life-crippling illness or injury in order to “keep me in line.” I realized that I’d believed the lie that God cares only about my obedience and performance, not about my well-being. I forgave the well-meaning pastor, mentor, and my parents that perpetuated that lie, and then embraced the truth that Jesus came and died so that I could be free and healthy and whole, and that God cares infinitely more about my well-being than about my performance. Thank you, Dr. Mullen, for allowing God to make you all He created you to be, and to let His grace, health, and freedom be communicated through you. We Christians are such a mixed up mess of some grace and a lot of legalistic rule-keeping. I think most of the church is neurotic and self-condemning, and we need constant reminding of the freedom Jesus actually gave us.

  3. I thank God for what you shared about fear. I was fearful of a person but after praying with you I was healed, not resentful or scared of the person. Jesus is really the healer!

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