You have been strategically placed

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Queen Esther was in the right place at the right time

But she had to become aware of it.

Then take action.

You too are in the right place at the right time.

What are you going to do about it?

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  1. Recently God has been impressing this truth on me – including the story of Esther! So thank you for your post. I am not clear how God is using me where I am. But that matters not. I expect it may be just as well that I don’t know so I don’t get in the way!

  2. It would seem I had an “Esther” moment last week, when I ‘spontaneously’ went to drop off a sympathy card and sit with a dear friend who recently lost her father. I only intended to stop to deliver the card and give her a hug, but she invited me in and we talked for two hours. She shared with me one of her family member’s marriage is in dire straits due to sexual sin (pornography and affair); I prayed with her that night that God would send a Nathan into this situation to open eyes to God’s reality and rescue those blinded to their sin. Then she shared with me within a few days, that God has amazingly sent a Nathan… and that a critical turning point of humility, conviction etc. had occured at least on a head-level, and that this adult loved one of hers was asking for prayer that it would go to his heart. It’s a start in a journey of healing hopefully of this broken marriage. She said she has no doubt that our time together last week was divinely orchestrated, and God heard our prayers and had this all planned. What a loving God we serve… and so often we aren’t even aware of what He is up to, even in a stranger’s life who we don’t know… Praise Him! And now I’m so motivated to keep on praying on behalf of this couple… having been in very low places in my marriage through the years as well, but KNOWING that God can bring life back to that which appears dead!! He can do it!!

  3. One of my favourite scriptures is hidden in the book of Acts while Paul was on Mars Hill, speaking to the Greeks:

    “From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.” – Acts 17:26 (NIV)

    That’s US folks! We are leaving in this time period, right now, where we are, to make an impact for God’s Kingdom to those around us. He chose our time to be NOW. Isn’t that exciting! I think it is!

  4. The book of Acts was never concluded. That means that we are continuing the book of Acts in our generation. We are God’s representative to this generation! We have the same mandate and same anointing that they had in the First Century. Now that’s exciting!!!

  5. Our church purchased an old hotel building back in 1995 without fully comprehending what we were supposed to do with all the rooms. Well, we soon learned that the local Salvation Army had just closed their men’s shelter in the city and the homeless started showing up at our doorstep. In the end, we operated as a homeless shelter for 15 yrs in our city until another newer facility opened its doors. We held services in the meeting rooms downstairs, saw many come to Christ and served over 150,000 meals. For such a time as this – yes!

  6. My husband has Alzheimer’s and I have been discouraged at times because we are not able to enjoy these retirement years. He is in a CAre facility. But God knew this was going to happen in our lives, and so I have been available to help my daughter, first her son had cancer and now her marriage is in shambles. So my role has been to pray for her and encourage her that God is watching over her. (she lives in a different city). God is calling me to prayer more and see Him work in our family. I won’t be in a palace like Esther,but I need to shine wherever I am.I am thankful to God that He is giving good health to do that.

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