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This week we answer your questions

Thanks for all the questions you sent in. It’s great to hear from so many of you.

In this video Kathy and I will answer as many questions as we can about personal transformation (and a few other things). The video goes longer than usual since we wanted to answer as many as possible.

Send us your questions

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Here’s the link to the page Kathy mentioned to post on your mirror Who I am in Christ from Freedom in Christ (Neil Anderson’s ministry).

For more information on depression and mood disorders click to our Q&A Forum page.

Here are the resources I referred to dealing with anxiety, fear and worry.

Fear, when trust is lostDVD/CD/Download Fear, when trust is lost.

Stop worrying when you understand how to break the 3 links in the chain of fear.
Click here for more information.

Pages from our web site that deal with fear:

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  1. Dear Dr. Mullen and Kathy Mullen, I thank-you for your lesson on inner conflict with your body, mind,and spirit.(last week) I have a few questions about going to your doctor and she told me you have a chemical imbalance in your chemistry in your body and need to take blood tests and to talk about things out, and to socalize with other people, to take my medication and not to worry about the stigmaization of lumping all the people into all one area of being indiffernent to the rest of society.I was incouraged by this and she also said to me that when Jesus was going from town to town that did not all the people who were afraid and they would say son of David have mercy on us! Then she said to me again,the greatest book ever written was the bible for people who need GOD and Jesus and his followers, were to bring back the lest of them into his Kingdom and be saved by our Lord.I also told them about you and your wife spearheading a ministry devoted to helping Christians with mental health issues, and she said to me that is a very under-used ministry because everyone doesn’t think by other doctors in their faculty of medicine think not to much of doctors who think the same way to give help to the people who are in a inner conflict and crisis and need and that GOD will-not help them. She said things will change but listen to what the right direction to go by and you will be given the right advice then you will have peace in your mind and your spirit will once again will lifted up unto the LORD OUR GOD.My prayer for you Dr Mullen and your wife Mrs.Mullen: Well done my good and faithful servants of our GOD and Praise Him who does the will of our GOD because the power was given from above and I thank-you for your time and effort to explain what you are both doing in loving and caring manner for us who are lost and need extra help with our personal needs and wants from the the FATHER in heaven. I ask it to help others and what I have learned so far. And above all Amen to the prayer. See you next week. Bye for now.

  2. That was gr8! It is really good 2 see u on here 2 Kathy. I think that answering peoples personal questions is very helpful.
    I appreciate u both. Thanku 4 being such a blessing 2 so many!

    Well done!

    Trish Field

  3. Dear Grant & Kathy,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I really appreciate that you did. God bless you both in the continuation of this part of your ministry. I’ll be looking forward to more of your wonderfully humorous teaching videos. They are always refreshing to watch as well as informative.


  4. You’re welcome SandyLee. We really do read and respond to questions, emails and comments. It’s great to hear from everyone. With the internet there just aren’t any distances between us. There are 5000 subscribers to the blog an along with the 1100 people on our Facebook page, we have a great online community!

  5. For perimenopausal women, I think there is a fourth source of negative emotions or feelings – changes in hormone levels. There are times when I experience passing moments of distress, anxiety, dread, disconnect, sadness, fatigue that don’t seem to respond to medication, spiritual warfare or positive thoughts and behavior.

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