You have the mind of Christ!

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Can you think like Jesus?

I know, it sounds impossible.

But the Bible says you can.

How can you do it?

Click on the video and discover the keys.

Now I want to hear from you

How do you renew your mind? Just leave your comments in the box below.

You have the mind of Christ

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Comments 6

  1. SUCH a great reminder ! Most often, when life is more than can be handled in a moment or a day, I find The Fix is to simply tell The Lord all I know to be true about Him, His promises, my future, as well as ALL there is to be thankful for. God’s still in charge and doesn’t let us slip through His fingers. Yesterday while driving on the highway, CBC’s program said it was Handel’s birthday. In honor of him they played The Hallelujah Chorus. Well ! Stuck in the car, I couldn’t stand up for it, as is our custom, and ended up blubbering the rest of the way to town, completely smitten once again by the glorious shout of affirmation — For The Lord God Omnipotent Reigneth – Alelluia! And that pretty well settles it for me. :o)

  2. Many years ago, when I was dying as a moslem, I gave my life to Christ and I learnt back then how important it is to keep our minds renewed with the Word of God. I meditated on Scriptures on life until my situation changed and God’s Word became more real and more powerful than my circumstance. The Bible says as a man thinks in his heart, so he becomes, so daily I have to remind myself to change my negative thoughts to positive , with the help of the Holy Spirit. I also found out when I got born again that the carnal mind is enemies with God, so I’ve been learning ever since to take God’s thoughts instead of mine by speaking the Word and trusting Him to bring it to pass. Thank you Dr. Grant.

  3. Many thanks for your video Dr Grant. Milton Green, a great pastor used by God for only a few years in his life, once said, “If we stay in bed very long in the morning, lies start creeping into our head; Satan’s demons have already reported for duty and he has prepared them to lie to you on and off throughout the day”.

    But if we have the mind of Christ, we have His weapons in our mouth to defeat the enemy and fight all the pollutions in our mind moment by moment. We would turn away from ALL evil and peace would reign. How wonderful that would and can be. Blessings with love to all my brothers and sisters out there.

  4. When things seem to be overwhelming and Satan sends his lies. I choose now to think of the positive and the promises God has made to us and I pray to Our Lord and Saviour for his strength and the guidance of The Holy Spirit.

  5. Many yrs ago I substituted as a teacher and as i walked into a class of 14 or 15 students aged 7 to 8 yrs old. I was shocked to see their hearts and their faces were blank. By then I thought is this the way God sees His children? I thought He did because He sees beyond what we see externally. Just a thought.

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