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Why do we pray?

Does it make any difference?

If God can do anything on his own, why does he need to hear from us?

Isn’t prayer just begging?

We’ve all asked these questions.

Click on the video and get the answers.

Now I want to hear from you

What surprising  answers to prayer have you seen? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Chp 3:4 Jesus hand on shoulders

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  1. Hi Grant

    Greetings from New Zealand.

    I have recently discovered a new way to pray which I call txt-prayer
    My wife was overseas and needing to get visas and air tickets for a lady called Marie to help her with her Christian health ministry in an Asian country. But opposition and difficulties +++


    One time a lady from Singapore was trying to send information re Marie and had problems with her scanner only for the time that she was trying to send us info. My wife and I sorted the problem another way and then the scanner was working!
    The devil can get into technology.

    So here’s my wife’s txt and my reply from 21 February 2015.

    WIFE: “ pls pray
    marie is having trouble at getting on plane right now”

    ME: Ok. Thank you lord that you are in control. We plead the blood of Jesus over Marie right now. We proclaim the victory of the cross.
    We pray that your kingly rule of your kingdom do come now against All principalities and powers

    ME: Thank you for your authority in Jesus, not in us.
    We thank you that in our weakness you are strong. We can do nothing. You can do all.

    ME: Come against This opposition & trouble and make a way where there seems to be no way. Just as the people of Israel were delivered through the Red Sea, may Marie know the sovereign hand of her God in this. We thank you that you are the God of Passover – the God of deliverance.

    ME: Let there be collective intercession from the people of the Lord that the hand of the Lord may and will move with power & strength and that he will be the glory, the fire and the strength in the midst

    ME: Lord. It’s not based on us. We are weak, human & frail. Put forth your hand of deliverance for your own name sake

    WIFE: “sent 30 emails and they dont get email ticket”

    ME: May your people agree together for your working. We continue to proclaim your victory

    WIFE: “so now waiting , 70 min to take off”
    ME: Then I hear they are both on plane

    Txt-prayer works.

  2. My story has to do with a physical difficulty that afflicted my mother. She had major trouble with her feet. While I was with YWAM I began to notice pain on the soles of my feet. A thought like, “Oh, Oh. I’m getting what she had,” asked for entry into my mind. I stood against that thought saying that I did not have to receive it. Just because my mother had if and I was her daughter did not mean I had to inherit it. The pain gradually left and has not returned.

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  4. Would appreciate your prayers for our 21 year old married son. We will be doing, with the help of a professional, an intervention for a gaming addiction we have finally found concrete evidence of. Sunday is family education with intervention to follow monday morning. Will gladly tell you how God showed up after. Thank you faith family.

  5. I have been praying for 2 years for my marriage restoration and I believe God can do anything according to his will …..but I don’t know if he can change my wife if she doesn’t believe in Christ ????

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