Your “Yes” can change history

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Is God prompting you to do something?

Are you tempted to ignore or talk yourself out of it?

Are you thinking, “What difference would it make anyways?”

You have no idea what amazing events will be set in motion by saying yes to God’s suggestion.

Click on the video and I’ll tell you how a yes, 85 years ago, affected my life today.

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Now I want to hear from you

What unexpected things have happened when you said yes to God’s prompting? Just leave your testimony in the box below.


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  1. I was prompted once to take a Baptismal gown to an ex drug addict and she had prayed Lord if you want me to take this step send the Pastor round. Not only was the prayer answered but what confirmation as I had the gown and it fitted like a glove. She is now serving the Lord and testifying to His Gospel and love!

  2. I was prompted many years ago to attend a Christian Women’s conference in Ottawa and I was prompted to share a room with a particular lady from my church who I had known for many years. She had the same prompting and during that weekend we found out that she was possibly the half sister of my mother. Well it turned out that she is and it has opened a door and made a wonderful relationship happen between her, her brother and my mother who had been adopted and an only child. At 75 my mom finally had another family. We all know this was God’s doing. How wonderful He is!

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