Three keys to renew your mind and stop Pandemic Brain

The pandemic has infected our minds. We are bombarded by statistics of how many have died or are sick. We are constantly told how to wash, sneeze, cough and dress or we’ll become one of the statistics. The economy is in free fall and millions are unemployed. We can’t go to work, church, shop or even visit friends. 

And it’s getting to us. Studies released in the past few weeks showed that 44% of Canadians are worried right now and 80% are not optimistic. Half of Canadians said their mental health had worsened during the pandemic. Calls to distress lines are way up, even from children. Everyone is afraid of an invisible, previously unknown invader.

There’s even a new condition called COVID Stress Syndrome. The symptoms are increased anxiety about getting infected or touching surfaces that might carry the virus; intrusive thoughts and nightmares about COVID-19 that affect a person’s ability to function; compulsively checking social media; and panic buying and stockpiling.

I call all this Pandemic Brain and it’s making us sick. So how do we cure it?

Romans 12:2 says we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. That’s the cure to pandemic brain, to renew our minds. But how do you do that? Where do you start? Is it even possible? You’ve probably tried other methods which failed and left you feeling defeated and discouraged.

When you learn what the keys are and how to use them, you can walk to a level of freedom you never knew was even possible. And the best news is, it’s God’s will for you and he’s waiting right now to set you free.

So don’t stay stuck in pandemic brain. It’s time to renew your mind and take back control of your inner world. Imagine what it will be like to be relaxed, content with an inner peace that defies your circumstances. Watch the video now.