Why is optimism so difficult?

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Is it easier to be optimistic or pessimistic?

Which one do you choose most often?

Is it possible to change your perspective?

Watch the video and win the battle between these 2 opposites.

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  1. “Joyful trust”… that’s a great statement that leaped out to me as you shared today…Once again, thank you, Dr. Grant and Kathy. The scripture you shared is so securing as well. Taking the risk to trust—hmmm, but without a white knuckle-grip but rather that confident assurance of being held by Him…that all is so much better than the alternative package-deal of anxiety and gloom. He will only let go of my hand long enough to do a high-five!!!

  2. I am always optimistic and choose contentment, but not everyone does, I know. God always provides for me, so why worry? Those who struggle with optimism perhaps should thank God for the blessings that they have already. It’s a step that can change perspective. It’s possible that God has a predisposition for individuals, because I have always had this tendency.

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