Do you have unanswered prayers?

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We all have unanswered prayers

How do we respond when we aren’t seeing the breakthrough we are praying for?

We have two options.

One is faith killing, the other is faith building.

It’s our choice.

Click on the video and make your decision.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God come through for you? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Remember God's faithfulness

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  1. Hello brother Grant,

    Thanks for another great encouragement… Always look forward to your weekly emails.

    In answer to your question, the Lord did something unexpected for me last October… He healed me of a severe gluten intolerance that I’d had for 4 years. I was going through a cross country move and figured it best to wait until things were back to normal so I could focus on building up my faith for it to “ask in faith” as the Word requires. However, if the subject came up, I would often comment; “I won’t always have this (gluten intolerance)”. One day at lunch with a friend, I was perusing the menu and felt a nudge from the Lord; ‘go ahead…order a sandwich’. Well, this sheep knows His voice, so I did… I ate that sandwich and I have been healed since that day! I love His Grace, when he pours it out on us! He’s so GOOD.

    Blessings to you and yours,


  2. Hello….. I am in what appears to be a long recovery due to a stroke I experienced last December. I am aware that my condition is not as severe as it could be or as some experience such a set back. Yet, still I have to deal with this new way of life.
    I can awake in such a fog in this damaged body that an hardly get out of bed, yet I do and take the next step to enter that day’s demands. I can’t do the many of the tasks I use to do, but I manage to accomplish many tasks. My faith in God is put to the test in all this! I am challenged to use faith in God more now than before.
    Just in writing this letter is helping me face my condition head on. The God I know is with me since I can’t find the clarity of mind on my own, not in the condition I’m in. Since I ask for His help and remind Him, not that He needs to be reminded, that He is always with me, never far away. Thus, He parts the Red Sea in my mind to free up my thinking which is overwhelmed with the enemy’s noise.
    Many years ago I was in a dark time of my life. I told God to let me be. I wanted to live my life the way I wanted to and found myself as a result of that decision in such darkness. A darkness I could not light. It brought me to such a depression that death was a welcomed thought. I experienced such emptiness in my soul. I did not want to go on. With the help of my mom and a few others I was given support. But, the real support was from my Lord. The support people can’t give. Praying for comfort and help as I turned from my rebelious way of life, I was slowly restored back to sanity.
    My Lord Jesus is a gentleman. He gives His loved ones freedom and space. Unlike the enemy who keeps his subjects chained to a small area in a dark place.
    I like knowing that God is close. That is a comfort when the mind is feeling lost or confused. I am aware that taking a risk of some sort, doesn’t have to be big, actives my faith in God or yielding to Gods word rather than my oun feelings which can be narrow or self centered.
    I thank you for listening. Rich J

  3. Well, thank you for this reminder. Long story short I am a man in my 30’s who has been unemployed longer than desired. No personal or professional reason for that – it just is what it is.

    Anyways I had been praying for an extended period of time wondering where God was and why the heck this was happening to me? Why, Lord, why? This past summer (in July of 2014 to be exact), I was directed to the Ontario March of Dimes. I went seeking help for finding employment. They started asking a series of questions related to my professional journey and what types of companies I have been associated with. I told them that I had worked in a bunch of different office companies but nothing that really deeply interested me.

    The recruiter turned and said, “that’s okay, Darrell! Tell me about some of your hobbies and interests?” I revealed that I had a deep interest in professional sports and can talk sports 24/7. The recruiter lead me to a sports freelance writer and the freelancer asked for me to write any sports story I want in an article form and we’ll see where we go from there? I wrote it and they licked it up with a spoon.

    As of last summer I have found God opened doors to sports freelance writing. I had never, ever done that before and while there are growing pains trying to fine tune my craft I fully believe that God wanted to test me through that and see where God really wanted to use me.

    I had been out of a job for a long time, as already said. I had gone into a depression and anxiety state and while I still battle with the anxiety, the depression has finally been defeated and can see how God answers some prayers.

    I have attached the link above – just to show just how much I have produced since last summer.

  4. Post
  5. thank you for the message. For 40 years I suffered with psychoaffective disorder before I was lead to Christ by a wonderful pastor. The lonliness was the worst. Many people began to pray for me and now I can say I am truly healed. No more drugs to control symptoms and I am happy and at peace. Praise be to the LORD.

  6. Hi Dr. Grant, I really appreciate the helpful resources you have made available on line and your sound teaching of God’s word. I have been going through one of the most difficult years of my life. It all started over a year ago now, I had an accident at work and injured my back. I was off work for four months, if that wasn’t bad enough, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she lives 4000 miles away. I was bedridden and no way I could travel. I have never felt more out of control and added to that there were delays in my treatment and also with compensation due to my accident. So day after day lying in bed crying out to God why are you doing this to me! Eventually things started to slowly turn around and I gradually went back to work but was still experiencing problems with my back and leg. I was able to travel and see my Mom, she just celebrated her 89th birthday to everyone’s amazement. I am still dealing with my back and have recently retired. Through all of this, we don’t always understand why we have to go through these things. I really struggled as to why my world had fallen completely apart all at once. I realized that all I had when everything was chaos was God, my life was totally in His Hands. I have always been self sufficient and in control. But when my world fell apart I realized I had put more trust in myself then God. Over time He has proven to be so faithful, the enemy worked hard to bring defeat and discouragement but I ran to the Word which became my anchor and so effective in battling the schemes and lies of the enemy. I am still on this journey but I am feeding on God’s word daily, I was often too busy to do when I was working. I have developed a closeness and intimacy with my Heavenly Father, that I never thought possible, I know it to be true that He really loves me and He has amazingly taken what the enemy wanted for bad and turned it into something good. Praise God!

  7. I am forever grateful in how God has ben so faithful to me in these past 5 years. If it wasn’t for God I know this would not have had the same outcome in my miraculous healing. I have had one after other healing miracles and I have quite a story to tell but it would be too long a story to tell. I’m basically agreeing with Dr. Grant that we need to thank God in every situation (good or bad) because God has a purpose and a plan for each of our lives. Even when things don’t like right, make sense, and we’re left alone wandering to ourselves will this ever end! Yes, I see the fruits of his love, in my husband, in my daughter, in my son, and especially in me. I can’t tell you powerful prayer is and want to encourage everyone not to give up on prayer and that God is still in control when you might think otherwise. Dr. Grant thank you sharing your heart with God’s love and I pray that BIG things will happen for you and that many people will come to share more of their own testimonies of the amazing wondrous Son of God we serve and is living on the inside of me! Praise you Jesus and for being a friend but more important, thank you for your saving grace. I have a new found love in Christ and telling everyone about Him. God is faithful to the end and trust me HE is. God’s love never fails and I’m living one miracle after another almost daily. Praise the Lord!

  8. Hello Grant:

    Great blogs, thank you for posting so faithfully.
    I had an experience quite a long time ago that your current blog reminded me of.
    I was living in Ontario at the time and had an appointment to go to Ottawa for a ministry of deliverance. I could have gone by bus but I was thinking I might be an emotional mess and it would be nicer if I had a car to drive. I prayed and later that week my parents called and asked it I wanted a car that they had, of course I said yes. That is only one instance of answered prayer but it is great to be reminded of God’s answers and that He is always listening for our prayers and praise.

  9. Just wanted to give the Lord a shout of praise for healing my physical body. These past few months has been very painful and difficult at times. I think I have been overexerting myself, but I thank the Lord for His healing virtue flowing through me and bringing healing emotionally and physically. He is my Jehovah Rapha, the Lord my Healer, now and forever. . thanks for this uplifting message Dr. Grant.. very on time.. God bless.

  10. God has been faithful in getting jobs recently for 2 people that are important to me. Not just any old jobs, but ones they really enjoy with good employers and close to home. One can even walk to his job, which was needed so the rest of the family could use the car. God surely knows our needs and there is certainly power released when two or three get together and ask for something in Jesus name.

  11. Usually when I pray I want to give my heart to God, not just my mind. God can search our hearts if we’re a little confused what’s there. The Holy Spirit can also intercede and let God know what’s on our heart. A lot of times my emotions feel dark and I don’t have faith that God’s wisdom can apply scripture to the hurts as they come up. But God’s wisdom is better than my own understanding. God loves us and would love to speak truth to the heart in prayer.

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